Maccast 2016.12.24 - Show #597
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V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Odd rumor of plastic iPhone display
* A reportĀ from the Korea Herald claims the OLED display in Apple's next iPhone will be plastic
* The report re-confirms the three phone design theory with a top of the line curved OLED display model
* Contradicts earlier reports of an "all-glass" OLED display
* The rumor also claims the orders are for Samsung Display and that could only supply fewer than 100 million units.
* The "other" iPhone 8 models are supposed to retain the existing design of the iPhone 7's but with upgraded specs and components.
V Leaked design specs supposedly claim the high-end variant is code named "Ferrari" (who let Eddie into the code name meeting?)
* Also, "confirms" the three phone strategy
* Mentions an "edge-to-edge" experience.
* Split logic board. One with processor and storage the other with wi-fi and communications package.
V Still rumors and indications Apple might be working on "true" wireless charging
* Supposedly partnering with Energous
* They are expected to have a mid-range transmitter ready sometime in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2017.
V DigiTimes says yield rates on A10X chips for next iPads are low
* The problem seems to be issues with the 10nm process.
V Apple still has 'great desktops' coming
* Tim Cook said some things on their internal Apple Web that were leaked to TechCrunch
* Hey says that "we have great desktops in our roadmap" and that we have nothing to worry about.
V More on Apple's MacBook Pro and batteries
* Bloomberg piece with interviews with "people familiar with Apple's inner workings"
* Mac team at odds with Ive's design team and the software team
* Loss of directions from senior management, key people departing the company, and technical challenges delaying Mac releases
* Claim that Apple was working on new higher-capacity longer lasting battery technology for the MacBook Pro that failed a key test.
* Had to pull in engineering from other Mac teams and revert to existing tech to get the MacBook Pro out in time for the holidays.
* Software team is not longer divided to iOS and macOS and most engineers are iOS first.
* Despite Tim Cook's comments the Bloomberg piece says don't expect radical redesigns in 2017
* Updates to the iMac with USB-C and new AMD processors, speed and spec bulbs to MacBook and MacBook Pros.
* Does mention TouchBar keyboards in 2017.
V Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the new MacBook Pro because of battery test inconsistencies
* They had units get as low as 3.75 hours and as high as 19.5 hours
* Apple's senior VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, said they are working with Consumer Reports (via Twitter) to understand their battery tests.
* Phil also said that Apple's extensive lab tests and field data doesn't support the publications findings.
* I would argue that many have reported from the "field" that they are getting less than stellar battery results.
V What AirPod teardowns reveal
* They are almost impossible to destroy. 0/10 reparability score
* Packed with high-tech goodness
* Battery is in the stem and is 93 milliwatt hour battery
* The stem also houses the antenna which might explain the length.
* The metal around the mic is also the contact point for charging
* The battery case houses a 1.52 watt hour battery. Should give 8 full charges for each or 16 for one.
* iFixit found "quality issues" called "voiding" on the solder joints in the battery case. Led they to theorize that the delay may have been the battery case (seems like a stretch to me).
* AirPods still selling out quickly at retail
* Also orders started shipping VERY early to consumers. More on that in a bit.
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V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V My AirPod adventure
* Discuss my quest to get AirPods
* Play conversation with Michael
V Share my early impressions
* More bass then I was expecting
* Volume seems some what low to me.
* Siri "double tap" gesture is tricky some times.
* One incident of "pops and crackles", but range is generally pretty good.
* Switching better than other BT, but far from perfect. No way to know which device it connected to without looking at the device.
* Battery and charging case is brilliant.
* Fit is very good for me. Have not had one fall out at all.
* Pausing works with other Apps and programs.
* You do look "dorky" wearing them, no way around that.
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