Maccast 2017.07.05 - Show #619
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V No Touch ID on iPhone 8?
V Ming-Chi Kuo came out with a report of his top 10 predictions fro the next iPhone
* The most shocking being that Apple will not have ANY TouchID sensor at all in the new device.
V Why?
* The full-screen design doesn’t work with existing capacitive fingerprint recognition.
* Technical challenges of a scan-through design including a more complex panel pixel design, disappointing scan-through of OLED panel, and weakened scan-through performance due to overlayered panel module.
* The good news is that dumping the finger print tech means that there will no longer be production delays, at least not because of the finger print scanning tech.
* Kuo's list doesn't say specifically what will replace TouchID, but he lists that 3D sensing for facial recognition is another feature of the new iPhone, so many think that is what Apple will use.
* Kuo has also said that their research has shown that consumers don’t mind a rear-placed fingerprint sensor, but this report specifically claims, "We predict the OLED model won’t support fingerprint recognition…"
V Qualcomm and Oppo demonstrated prototype fingerprint sensor technology designed to be used through common cell phone materials
* Can read through displays, glass, and aluminum.
* The ultrasonic Sense ID fingerprint sensor can read through 650 micrometers of aluminum, 800 micrometers of glass, and 1200 micrometers of OLED display substrate.
* Still their tech is not ready with the first devices with the tech expected in "early 2018", but the OLED sensor tech won't be ready until summer of 2018
* Apple and Qualcomm have had a rocky business relationship specifically over cellular modem patent licensing.
V I sooo… hope this rumor is wrong.
* Remember no analysts, Kuo included, is 100 percent on Apple rumor and Cook has famously said many times that you cannot trust the supply chain.
V Other options:
* Move it to the back, I hate this but better than no TouchID
* Integrated a physical, but visually minimized one, into the display (like on the Touchbar MacBook Pro)
* Embedded in the sleep/wake button. Apple already has patents for this.
* Seems like Apple has WAY too much invested in TouchID both with Apple Pay deals and marketing to just dump it.
V Still rumors of OLED display shortages.
* Some reports are indicating there could only be 3-4 million units ready to go at launch.
* Apple can pre-sell more than 10 million units in a launch weekend.
V Bloomberg also reported that the new iPhone might feature Apple's ProMotion (120Hz) refresh rate, plus the Apple "Neural Engine" chip that drives ProMotion and Apple's AI tech.
* this could also be the tech behind what's driving the facial recognition ability to replace TouchID
V Did see a report from the Korea Herald this week that Apple is in talks to invest as much as 1.75 to 2.6 billion in new OLED production lines exclusively dedicated to Apple orders.
* Even so the new facilities are not expected to be ready until 2019.
* Discuss the odd "Geskin" part leak without the camera/sensor "tab".
V A bit more detail on charging options for iPhone 8
V Latest rumor from Barclays says Apple will ship the iPhone 8 with a 10W USB-C power adapter supporting fast charging.
* The Phone 7, and new 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch iPads already support fast charging with the 29W USB-C MacBook charger
* Kuo contradicts this saying in the box will still be a standard 5W charger, though the faster charging will be supported with the optional USB-C adapter.
* He also says WPC-standard wireless charging will be supported, but you'll need to buy the induction charger separately.
V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V Add to Reading list IS in the Safari Toolbar
* A couple shows back, I think, we had a listener ask about adding an "Add to Reading List" icon to the Safari toolbar
V I mentioned there was not a way to do it, but pointed out three alternatives
* Use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + D
* Control+Click (Right+Click) a link and choose "Add to reading List" from the contextual menu
* Click the 'Share' icon (which is in the Toolbar) and choose 'Add to Reading List' (two clicks)
* MANY of you wrote in to say that the "Add to Reading List" icon is already in the Safari Toolbar, but slightly hidden.
* When on the page you want to add to Reading List, hover your cursor over the URL bar and on the left side a "+" icon will appear (next to the Reader icon). Click the "+" and the current URL will be added to your Reading List.
* Thanks to the many of you who sent this tip in.
V Pricing out an Apple Car Service
V Daniel wrote in to point out some possible issue with my logic that Apple is planning an automated self driving car service.
V He doubt's mostly stem around what the cost would be and availability especially in remote or rural areas.
* The loss of "freedom" of travel would be too big a "cost"
V I 100 percent agree, which is why at first this service will be in limited areas and the roll out will be progressive.
* It will also not be "ubiquitous", but I think could appeal to a broad range of consumers especially city dwellers. In 2015 63 percent of the US population lived in cities.
V He also brought up that he thought my "cost" of about that of a car payment could be a bit low
* He did some math factoring in "typical" car costs including the payment, insurance, gas, maintenance, and registration.
* About a yearly cost of $7,660 / 12 = $639.00/mo.
* I still think in volume as a service Apple could price it around $300-$400/mo.
V I will also add that there will be possible issues to sort out in regards to long distance travel (cross country)
* One thing is could allow a two or multi car family to become a one car family
* Also opens up the possibility of access to a "variable" type of second vehicle which might be appealing.
V Nerdtacular 2017 - What the App is That
* OMG, what an amazing show. If you missed it they have the videos up on their [Twitch Channel](
V Scott Johnson - [Procreate](
V Hammond Chamberlain - [Lauchpad](
* [JHammondC](
* [Soundography](
V Brian Ibbott - [Poke Genie](
* [Coverville](
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