Maccast 2017.09.17 - Show #628
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Meet Us at Our Place Event
V Apple Park and the Steve Jobs Theater
* Opening tribute and Tim's comments were perfect
* The space is amazing
* Great to see pictures and reactions form the media
V Press got early access to the Visitor Center and Store. Special Apple Park T-Shirts and swag was for sale.
* Small cafe complete with coffee bar
V Theater has leather seats (reportedly costing $14K each?)
* Power outlets at the base of each seat.
* Stair railings carved into the walls as you descend down to the theater entrance level
V Level at the top of the theater, where you enter, has a turning circular divider that opens to become the open demo area
* Gruber mentions it's amazing beautiful, but maybe not practical
* Crowd too big and not enough iPhone X demo units
V Apple Watch Series 3
* Cellular built-in, same number as iPhone.
* Stream Apple Music
V Tech
V New W2 Chip. Dual core
* 80% faster WiFi 50% better battery efficiency
* Siri voice on Apple Watch
V Same battery life, up to 18 hours
* 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth.
* 1 hour cellular talk, 3 when paired to phone
* 10 hours of music playback when paired to iPhone
* Workouts: Up to 10 hours indoor workout, Up to 5 hours outdoor workout with GPS, Up to 4 hours outdoor workout with GPS and LTE
* Barometric altimeter
* Antenna in display
* Integrated electronic SIM
* Same size as Series 2 case, display .25mm thicker.
* Grey Ceramic, new sport loop bands
* Order September 15th ship September 22
V From $329 and $399 with cellular.
V Steel and Ceramic models appear to be limited to the GPS+Cellular versions (can be used without a cell contract)
* Just like with iPhone you can turn off the cellular (save battery)
* Series 1 at lower price of $249.00
* The only difference between the Series 1 and Series 2 is the GPS and swim proofing.
V 9 countries, 14 carriers
* Looks like most carriers in the US will charge about $10/mo. to add an Apple Watch to your existing iPhone cellular data plan
* Looks like roaming is NOT supported and the versions are country specific (can't use a US one in the UK even if your carrier plan has coverage in that country). Cellular frequencies are country specific for the various models.
* Play comment from Tim
* Might be possible that some of the MVNO carriers, like Cricket, add that support in the future
* I also think competition will quickly drive offers, pricing, and services around this. I think it's months before we see a carrier start to bundle it into a plan for free.
V Apple TV 4K
V 4K and HDR
* HDR 10 and Dolby Vision
* A10X processor
V Same price as HD
* Most studios on board, but Disney seems to be a hold out.
* Automatic upgrade to 4K/HDR
* Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
V No USB-C port anymore
* Xcode 9 now lets you wirelessly connect your Apple TV, so no need to connect to iTunes
* Can even grab screen recordings through Quicktime wirelessly now, W00t.
V Pricing has gone up $30 bucks, $179.00 for 32GB version and is the same $199.00 for the 64GB
* Available for pre-order this past Friday and shipping September 22nd.
V TV App in seven additional countries.
* Canada and Australia later this month
* UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Later this year
V iPhone 8
V TrueTone display
V Front and glass black design. Silver, Space Gray, Gold
* Glass reinforced by laser welded steel & copper structure
* Claims most durable glass ever in a smartphone.
V New Retina HD display
* 4.7” and 5.5” display
V New stereo speakers
* 25% louder
* deeper bass
V A11 Bionic
* 6-core cpu
* 4.3 billion transistors
* 2-high Performance cores
* 4 high efficiency cores
* Neural Engine. Used for machine learning algorithms working inside iOS.
V First Apple designed GPU
* 3-core design
* 30% faster than A10 Fusion, but uses half the power
* Designed for apps and games and Metal 2
V Apple designed ISP
* Delivers faster low-light autofocus, an improved pixel processor, and hardware multi-band noise reduction.
V Camera
* New larger 12 MP sensor
* Front facing TrueDepth camera is 7MP
* New Slow Sync Flash, a digital slow-shutter speed achieved by using short bursts of light to even out the background. Subject in focus and movement is blurred (cool processional effect). We'll see if Apple's digital approximation pulls it off.
V Portrait Lighting (beta)
* Uses depth map to separate subjects from background
* Applies machine learning to crest facial landmarks to adjust lighting over facial contours
* All in real time
* Swipe to pick effect. Can be changed later. Will ship with iPhone 8 Plus
V Video
* Apple designed video encoder
* Analyzes 2 million tiles per second
* Uses AI to look for grass, sky, and motion, and then optimize compression
* 1080p HD 240fps slow motion
V Augmented reality
* Cameras calibrated for AR
* New gyroscope and accelerometers
* Software tuned for advanced motion tracking
* MLB at app stats over live game.
V Wireless
* Bluetooth 5
V Wireless charging, full support for the Qi standard.
* This is going to be huge for adoption in public spaces.
* New AirPods case with Wireless charging.
* Reportedly will cost $69 and come out in December, though iPhone X product page says "AirPods with wireless charging capabilities coming in 2018."
* Should work through most cases. The standard says charging should work up to 45mm in depth. The iPhone and charging pad account for about 7mm of that in total. Leaves you with 35mm (1.37 inches). Metal cases will block the signal.
* 64GB and 256GB
* From $699.00 iPhone 8, $799 iPhone 8 Plus
* Pre-order 15th, ship 22nd. iOS 11 - Ships September 19th.
V iPhone X
* Two color space gray and silver
V Super Retina Display
* 5.8-inches
* 2436 x 1125
* 458 ppi
* HDR Dolby Vision and HDR10
* TrueTone
V Swipe up from bottom to go to home screen.
* Tap to wake
* Swipe and pause to activate the App Switcher
* Side button press and hold to activate Siri (going off in you pocket)
* Double-tap side button to activate Apple Pay
V Face ID
V TrueDepth Camera system
* Infrared camera
* Flood illuminator
* Front camera
* Dot projector
V 30,000 IR dots
V Uses mathematical model built with neural network to see if scans match
* Used over a billion facial images to train the system with AI and machine learning
* Uses the neural engine in A11 Bionic chip fro this
* All data and processing is local to the phone
* Will work in the dark, it uses IR (same tech in night vision)
V Look at it to unlock
* Requires users attention for unlock. Need to have your eyes open.
* Apple calls it "Attention Awareness" and it also will keep the screen lit while you're looking at it.
* Will even lower the volume of an alarm or ringer once it has your attention.
* Can be disabled in accessibility. Good, but sucks that some user have reduced security.
* "Squeeze" to disable, if you bring up the "power down screen". Works with any of the side buttons
* Processed by the Neural engine in the A11 Bionic
V Security
* 1 in 50,000 chance of accidental unlock with TouchID
* 1 in 1,000,000
* Can't be fooled by photos or even high end Hollywood quality masks
* Can handle changes over time and will learn as your look adapts.
* Even if you have on, most, sunglasses (uses IR light)
* Will need to retain if you have swelling or disfigurement due to an accident, or if the structure of your face changes due to facial reconstruction
* Can be fooled by "evil" identical twins
* Require passcode after 5 unsuccessful attempts
V The data itself is not an image, but a complex mathematical model. that is encrypted and stores in the secure enclave on the device
* Apple doesn't have the data
* Even if an attacker hacked your phone and the secure enclave using the mathematical data to reconstruct your exact face would be nearly impossible.
V Apple's app guidelines say FaceID is only for users 13 and over, I assume this is somehow COPPA related, but crazy in many levels.
* Family plans in iCloud you do set the child's age, so maybe there are checks against that?
V Works with 3rd party apps that support TouchID
* All this is probably built into the APIs devs use for TouchID and now FaceID
* I imagine the UIs, even in 3rd party apps will adapt even without the app needing to be updated.
* Can currently only recognize one face.
* Animoji
* Switch apps by swiping along bottom of screen
* Control Center swipe down from right ear
* Notification Center swipe from left ear
V Cameras
* Dual optical image stabilization
* Front side true depth camera
* The front telephoto camera has a f/2.4 aperture vs. f/2.8 for the Plus model
* Front camera can also, do "Portrait" effects (not available on 8 Plus).
* Two hour longer battery life than iPhone 7
V Sneak peek wireless charging mat
* iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3, new AirPods Wireless charging case (optional)
* AirPower, available next year.
* Seems to be an Apple "extension" of the Qi standard. They may or may not share the tech back with the Wireless Power Consortium.
V Pre-order October 27th, Ships November 3rd.
* 64GB and 256GB, starting at $999.00
V Other models
* iPhone SE $349.00 for 32GB and $449.00 for 128GB ($50 less)
* iPhone 6S $449.00 for 32GB and $549.00 for 128GB
* iPhone 7 32GB for $549.00 and $649.00 for 128GB
* iPhone 7 Plus 32GB for $$669 and $769.00 for 128GB
* Too many models?
V Other Stuff
* No more Product RED models, currently.
V New "Button" stuff on iPhone 8
* Screenshot using side button + volume up
* Siri: Press and hold Side button.
* Apple Pay: Double-click Side button.
* Accessibility: Triple-click Side button (if enabled.)
V New iPhones, 8 series and X support fast charging, 0 to 50% charge in 30 minutes.
* Need to buy an extra Apple USB-C charger and USB-C to lightning cable.
* Apple's 29W charger is $49.00
* You might already have one if you have a USB-C MacBook or MacBook Pro.
V Apple did pre-approvals of iPhone Upgrade program customers
* Also offered a Trade-in Kit with a prepaid shipping label to return old iPhone to Apple, rather than being forced to visit an Apple Store to complete the upgrade process.
* Did this in advance of the 8 pre-ordering and I assume they will do it next month before the iPhone X is released.
V iPhone X Leather Folio case.
* $99 in four different colors
* Cosmos Blue, Taupe, Black, and Berry
* Apple raised prices on the higher capacity 256GB and 512GB models of the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, by $50.00. Due to rising
* New urBeats wired headphones in 3.5mm and Lightning versions. Shipping this fall for $99.95
* New SiriRemote, white ring around the menu button, for $59 (used to be $79)
V iTunes 12.7
* Apple has "streamlined" it and removed the App Store and App management.
* For iOS 11 and macOS Sierra brings "friends" support.
* Internet Radio is now part of Music, and iTunes U content is under Podcasts
* Ringtones also can now only be downloaded from the App Store to your device on iOS
* Windows users will no longer see iBooks in iTunes, need to use the iOS app
V Can connect your iOS device to iTunes and drag in IPA (iPhone App files) and ringtones.
* ~/Music/iTunes Library/Mobile Applications/
* ~/Music/iTunes Library/Tones/
* Backup and delete these if you'd like. They are no longer needed locally.
* Unfortunately means not every time you erase and restore ALL apps will need to be re-downloaded (lots of time and bandwidth)
V File transfers to apps are still there
* Select the iOS device in iTunes by clicking its icon in the area below the playback bar, then click File Sharing in the navigation list at left.
* Means you can't browse apps from the Mac.
V My Thoughts and reactions
V The Face ID "fail"
* When Craig Federighi first tried to demo the feature it failed.
* I'll admit, I was shocked and disappointed. I saw it as vindication for my theory that FaceID is not a replacement for TouchID
* I also figured, hey it's beta software and beta hardware, so things happen.
* It worked flawlessly and quickly, several times, with the backup phone.
* Apple said the issue was it locked out when the people attending to the demo devices were making sure they were cleaned and prepped for the demo.
* Just like TouchID, 5 bad attempts will force you to use a passcode to unlock.
V FaceID
* Reportedly FaceID was "always" the planned replacement for TouchID (at least for the past year according to John Gruber).
* I have concerns still, but I'm willing to try it before passing final judgement.
* I LOVE TouchID, so it will be a hard sell for me.
V Animoji will be cool for about 5 minutes
* My kids and their friend will use the constantly
* Will also "upsell" phones.
V Notch-rage
V Can we please get over this? Fine if you don't like it. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are awesome updates and have almost all the same features available as the iPhone X, plus they're a bit less expensive.
V Key differences between the 8 Plus and the X
* Size, big screen in smaller package.
* Notch
* Dual optical image stabilization on rear camera
* Portrait effects on TrueDepth Camera
* FaceID
* Battery life is slightly less. one hour less of internet use, and one hour less of video playback,
* No one is making you buy an iPhone X
* Without the home button one can argue the "notch" is there for branding as much as it is for functionality (maybe more?).
* Some feel that a full small "forehead" at the top would be better.
* The notches, do fit dynamic information like time, status indicators, etc. and in those views it's a neat effect
* The "ears" also give logical physical swipe start locations for Control Center and Notifications since the bottom swipe is now used for the home and app switching gesture.
* In video, the default is to avoid the notch at full screen. Double-tap expands.
* If apps use Apple's Auto-layout (which Apple has pushed for years) there won't be UI issues. Apps that have used custom UI's might need to be adapted to deal with the notch and the corners (now rounded).
* Web developer guidelines for Safari, which will by default "whitebox" the sides. (can apply CSS to define background color or images, etc.)
V Apple's Human Interface Guidelines ask developers not to try and hide the notch nor to do things that specifically call attention to it.
* The HIG is not a set of rules. Devs can still do whatever they want.
* Many will opt to "hide" the bar with black bars top and bottom.
* Also seem to be matching the rounded corners.
V So much custom silicon and it matters
* Apple now designs the CPU, the GPU, the Image Signal Processor (ISP), neural engine, secure enclave, etc..
* The integration of this with the software and the advantage it gives Apple cannot be overstated.
* This more than anything is what put Apple far ahead of the competition.
V The facial recognition will never be as good on a competing device (at least not soon) because of this kind of tech. Same thing for advances photo features
* They just don't dump AI on a GPU, it has a system dedicated and optimized for just that task.
* Yes they can match hardware specs point for point, but that alone doesn't get you to "it just works" levels.
* Keeping AI and the supporting data secure on the device is only possible because of this. Competitors will have a hard time matching that.
* Same goes for AR processing.
* It's what enables energy efficiencies that let you get LTE in a smartwatch and not have it to be massive and suck.
V What's the deal with wireless charging?
* Has the disadvantage of not being able to charge and use the device at the same time
* Still it's a nice option especially for "top ups"
V What am I getting and not getting
* No Apple TV 4K
* No Apple Watch Series 3
V iPhone X for sure.
V I want the dual cameras and all that come with them
* Play comment from Marco
* The thing is these technologies will make the guys like me, who don't know how to do lighting, get way better pictures.
* The software will probably never match the real thing, but it is getting a lot better.
* Not going to be significantly bigger than my iPhone 7, YES!
* FaceID and no home button I think I'll adapt to quickly and if I hate it for Apple Pay I still have my Apple Watch.
* No matter how you try to slice, dice, or justify it the price is outrageous. And yes, many international customers are paying the "Apple" tax, but what are you gonna do.
* I would probably NOT be upgrading if I wasn't doing a popular Apple podcast.
V AppleCare+
* Debating if I should get it this year.
* $199 on the iPhone X, we don't yet know screen replacement cost or out of warranty cost, but looking at the iPhone 8.
* The price on AppleCare+ also went up $20, to $149.00 on the Plus models
* $129.00 for Apple Care+ and $29.00 for a screen replacement (cost $169.00 without Apple Care)
* Full replacement is $99.00 ($228.00 total) vs. $349.00 for full out-of-warranty replacement.
* Seems like a good deal as if you have an accident your costs are lower. Plus, chances are the costs for the iPhone X replacements are going to be even higher.
* Comes down to piece of mind.
V Apple Watch and Apple TV are still great upgrades
* Getting LTE into an Apple Watch that is the same size and has same battery life is an amazing feat.
* LTE on Apple Watch is going to be a "must have" feature for many.
* 4K needed to happen and Apple didn't come in half baked.
V Feedback, commentary, opinions
V Want to play with AR Kit? pCalc
* Here's a cool thing.
* If you own a copy of the app pCalc and are running iOS 11. The latest version of pCalc has an AR Kit easter egg.
* You go into the 'Info' screen and then into 'Help' under the ‘About PCalc’ and tap the logo
* You'll get a whole UI with a mini game and a 3D environment.
* Tap the 'AR' icon and get an AR Kit experience.
* I'll let you play, but you can roll dies and flip coins among other things. Also add virtual pCalc calculators that "work".
* Amazing.
V Prepping for OS Upgrades
* Play comment from Gary
V Clear out old backups
* iTunes > Preferences > Devices > Device backups
* You can select and delete old backups.
* Use iMazing. It will let you set the backup destination and that could be on an external.
V My recommendations
V Consider waiting if you can. Let other's take the bumps and bruises.
* Yes these OSes are stable and have been tested, but there are always edge cases
* Your third party apps and software are the things to most worry about. Check online and with the developers before hand.
* Backup, Backup, backup.
V Cloneable backup for macOS
* Be aware that if you have an SSD that your drive will be converted to APFS and that some cloned backup tools, like Super Duper, will not be able to make a bootable backup day one.
* Get an extra drive for a cloneable backup of your old system and keep that around and unattached if you can.
V Closing
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