Maccast Members 025 - 2010.07.19
V Mac Troubleshooting
* Not all summer beach balls are welcome
V Things to think about
* When the last time you rebooted?
* When was the last time you re-installed?
V Places to look
V Finding the big files
* What Size? (USD $12.99)
* OmniDisk Sweeper (free)
* Grand Perspective (free)
V Spotlight Search
* File-->Find (Command+Option+Spacebar)
* Click "+" icon to add search criteria. Select "Size" from the first drop down and "Greater than" from the second and set a minimum size.
V iPhoto, iPhoto, and iTunes
* Do you have files in there that could be archived off to save space?
* Downloads folder
V Applications Folder
* ~/Library/Application Support
V Use uninstallers if possible
* Re-run application installer and look for an uninstall option
* Uninstall drivers for old scanners, printers, accessories
* AppZapper
* Beware of "haxies" and Input Managers(SIMBL) (/Library/InputManagers)
V Mail Attachments
V ~/Library/Mail Downloads
* Any file you QuickLooked or opened directly from Mail
* Backup if unsure before deleting.
V Copies are also in the local .mbox files so if you keep all your emails and get a lot of attachments these can eat a lot of space.
* In Mail find the attachment and save it (if you want it)
V Under the 'Message' menu there is a 'Remove Attachments'
* The is delete all attachments on the email. Can't do it selectively
* [The attachment filename.ext has been manually removed]
V Movies, Music, Pictures folders
* Some media apps will use these as default storage locations
V Troubleshooting Tips
* Disconnect hardware
V Reboot into a different User Account
* System Preferences-->Accounts-->Create a new login
* Run same apps and see if it's the same
V Boot in Safe Mode
* Hold the Shift Key while booting
* Shutdown menubar items
* Remove login items
V Zap the PRAM. Reset the SMC/SMU.
* Good for sleep/wake and fan issues.
V Look for Font Conflicts
* Applications-->FontBook.
* Look for "warning" icons, select, choose Edit-->Resolve Duplicates
* Clean your Mac. Dust bunnies are the enemy. Make sure Mac has adequate airflow.
V Helpful Utilities
* Space Saving Tools
V Diagnostic tools
V Disk Utility
* Repair Permissions and Verify Disk. Boot from System Disk and Run is best
* Drive Genius
* Tech Tool Pro, was included with retail box Apple Care?
* Disk Warrior
V Maintenance Tools
* Onyx (free)
* Cocktail (USD $14.95)
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.