Maccast Members 030 - 2010.08.02
V Dictionary Tricks
* Mac OS X comes with a built-in dictionary and app.
* Basis of the built in spell checking that is available to ALL Cocoa applications
V There are spelling options in MOST apps
* Edit-->Spelling. You can run the Spelling and Grammar checking on a document
V Turn on or off the "Check Spelling While Typing" feature.
* If a word is underlined Control+Click it to get suggested spelling and select the correct spelling to have it auto-corrected.
* You can also add common non-dictionary words that you may type a lot. Control+Clicking the red-underlined word and choosing "Learn Spelling"
V Looking up words
V Control+Click or right+click a word almost anywhere and you'll see a "Look Up in Dictionary" option.
V Depending on the Dictionary settings you'll either launch the Dictionary app or get a contextual panel.
* If you see the contextual pane clicking the "more…" button will open the entry in Dictionary.
* May need to highlight the work before Control+Clicking it to see the option
V May find the "Look Up In Dictionary" option under the "Services" menu.
* If you don't check System Preferences-->Keyboard and in the Keyboard Shortcuts tab in the 'Services' category look under 'Searching' section and make sure the "Look Up In Dictionary" item is checked.
* Hold Command+Control+D and hover over a word to see the definition in a contextual panel.
V Use Spotlight to get a definition
* Hover over the definition in the search results of the menubar search or click it to open that word in the Dictionary app.
V Inside the Dictionary
* Despite the fact that it shows the phonetic syntax of the word when you select it and copy+paste it pastes just the word without all the extra phonetic punctuation
V Clicking any word within a definition will give you the definition of that word.
* Once you drill down within a definition the search area will contain an orange "snap back" icon. Click that to return to the original definition.
V Dictionary also offers:
V A Thesaurus, Apple Dictionary, and Wikipedia
* Same drill down and snapback works there too.
V Front/Back Matter
* Accessed via the Go menu
* Offers things like a Language Guide, List of Presidents of the United States, text of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, Countries of the World, and listing of the Chemical Elements.
V Image plates fro viewing
* In the Finder go to the Go menu and choose Go To Folder…
* Enter '/Library/Dictionaries/New Oxford American Dictionary.dictionary/Contents/Images' and hit "Go"
* Switch to Coverflow view and you will see all the image plate for the Dictionary app illustrations.
V Credit goes to
* Dave Caolo (Sal-lo) for writing most of these u pin a TUAW 101 article about a year ago.
V Closing
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