Maccast Members 031 - 2010.08.10
V Fun with Mac OS X Terminal
* Believe it or nor the Terminal can be fun.
* The say command.
V Open the Terminal
* Applications-->Utilities-->Terminal
V A few simple navigating tips
V You will start off in your home folder. Type 'ls' to see a list of the folders (directories) contents
* ls -l will list in a long format. File sizes, permissions, etc.
V To change directories use 'cd'
* dot dot (..) will take you up one folder level
* to get back home you can always just type 'cd' or cd 'tilde' (little squiggly accent below the 'esc' key).
* type cd + space and drag in a folder from the Finder to have it's path populated. Enter to navigate in the Terminal to that folder
V Fun with 'say'
* Be careful and type exact and double check. Look it up if your in doubt. Google is your friend.
* Let's go to the Desktop and play with say
* type cd to get back to your home and then cd Desktop and hit enter.
V type say Hello and hit enter (make sure your volume is up).
* You can type say and any text afterwards and your Mac will speak it.
V You can change the voice
V Alex is the default in Snow Leopard, but there are others.
V Female Voices
* Agnes, Kathy, Princess, Vicki, Victoria
V Male Voices
* Alex, Bruce, Fred, Junior, Ralph
V Novelty Voices
* Albert, "Bad News", Bahh, Bells, Boing, Bubbles, Cellos, Deranged, "Good News", Hysterical, "Pipe Organ", Trinoids, Whisper, Zarvox
V There are parameters you can add to the command.
* -v allows you to specify a voice
* 'say -v Victoria Hello'
V Read from a file
* -f then specify the path to a text file.
* Needs to be a text file in UTF-8 encoding. Default for Text Edit, so paste in text and save.
V Can also output to an AIFF file
* -o filename (path)
* Default is AIFF, but you can also do an AAC (.m4a).
V Lots of other commands
V Use the 'man say' command to view the documentation
* Spacebar (or Control+F) to move forward. Control+B to go Backward.
* 'q' to quit.
* To stop the currently speaking item or if you get into trouble Command+C or Quit the terminal app.
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.