Maccast Members 035 - 2010.08.18
V Password Security
* I had a listener ask about securing his Wi-fi router and how easily his passwords could be cracked.
* I didn't really know about how easily a password could be cracked, so I looked into it.
V Basic router security
* Enable encryption. WPA2 is best, but anything is better than nothing, even if barely.
* Turn off SSID broadcasting
* Consider MAC address filtering
* Use a secure password
V Building a better password
* Microsoft have a great site on Online Safety and Privacy education
V An ideal password is long and has letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers.
* Use at least 14 characters or more.
* Avoid using dictionary words in any language.
* Avoid Words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and abbreviations.
* Don't use sequences or repeated characters or patterns. Also avoid adjacent letters on your keyboard.
* Don't use personal information as a basis for your password. Things like your name, birthday, or driver's license number.
V How to build a secure password
V Start with a phrase that's at least 10 words
* Something meaningful and memorable to you
V If it is relevant to the site that can help
* "Google is great for looking stuff up on the web. I love it."
V Turn the sentence into letters
V Capitalize letters that are in the 1st half of the alphabet. (up to letter M)
V Add 2 numbers that mean something to you
* GIGFLsuotw47ILI
V Add symbols and punctuation to beginning and end
* $GIGFLsuotw47ILI?
V Keep passwords safe
* You can write down passwords but you need to keep them locked away and safe
V Never allow passwords to go over the internet in clear text
V Don't log-in when on an open wi-fi hotspot
* Includes using apps, opening and downloading email that's not using SSL, etc.
* Make sure connects are using SSL. "the lock" and verify the certificate (click the lock)
* Never send passwords through email and don't store in email accounts.
* Use SFTP if possible.
* Don't log-in on OPC's (Other people's computers). They could be compromised. Have key loggers, etc.
* Keep passwords to yourself. If you need to give someone you trust access temporarily change your password and then give them that one. Then change it back.
* Use different passwords. The more the better. Ideally a different password for everything.
V Password management
* 1Password is da bomb. Just USD $39.95
* Store passwords, software licenses, secure notes, etc.
* All data encrypted on a file using AES 128-bit encryption. Syncs to everything.
V When you sign up for a site
* Control + Click in the password field and choose to have 1 password generate and fill in a strong password
* After you submit it slides down a tool bar at the top of the window to save the data to 1Password.
* Next time you visit the site click the 1Password icon in the toolbar, it recognizes that site and gives you a link to log-in.
* Just enter your 1 master password once and then you are logged in.
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.