Maccast Members 049 - 2010.10.15
V iPhun
* Run down 10 of my favorite game apps for the iPhone/iPod touch
V My criteria for a good iPhone/iPod Touch game
* Graphics. It has to be pretty.
* Creative use of multitouch. Takes advantage of the platform
* Well thought out gameplay. Ease to learn, but challenging to master.
* Fun.
V Fruit Ninja
* Fruit Ninja ($0.99), Fruit Ninja HD, iPad ($4.99)
* Buy on iTunes
V Angry Birds
* Angry Birds ($0.99), Angry Birds HD, iPad ($4.99)
* Buy on iTunes
V The Incident
* The Incident ($1.99) + iPad (Universal)
* Buy On iTunes
V Flight Control
* Flight Control ($0.99), Flight Control HD, iPad ($4.99)
* Buy on iTunes
V Ramp Champ
* Ramp Champ($1.99), No iPad version
* Additional levels ($0.99) in app purchase
* Buy On iTunes
V DoodleJump
* Doodle Jump ($0.99), No iPad version.
* Buy On iTunes
V Cut the Rope
* Cut the Rope ($0.99), Cut the Rope HD, iPad ($1.99)
* Buy on iTunes
* Free (lite) versions available.
V Trainyard
* Trainyard ($0.99), No iPad version.
V Save, review, re-play, and share solutions
* Sharing on website, Twitter, or Facebook.
* Buy on iTunes
* Free, Trainyard Express, version available.
V Pocketball
* Pocketball ($0.99)
* Buy on iTunes
* Free (Lite) version available
V Game Center
* Apple's iOS 4 Social Game engine
* Leaderboards, Achievements, Multiplayer
V Nice to have a single app that brings together all your games
* Open Feint and Crystal
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.