Maccast Members 050 - 2010.10.24
V iLife 11 - iPhoto
V 3 Apps for the price of 5
* iWeb and iDVD don't appear to have been updated
* Still a good value at $49.00 (single) and $79.00 (family)
* Box image is interesting.
V General comments
V Performance seems to be sluggish
* Still not 64-bit according to some reports
* New 'satin' button design.
* Icons feel bright and polished.
* Looks "pretty".
V iPhoto
V Potentially dangerous?
* Long thread on Apple's discussions and several reports of Libraries not upgrading
* Losing data or photos (up to debate)
* Backup for sure, at least 2 backup locations
V Run a "rebuild" on your iPhoto '09 Library first
* Hold down Command+Option while launching iPhoto
* Apple Support Article
* If you have a really large library, wait even if it looks like it's stalled. Don't force quit.
* If you have issues after the update complete, try rebuilding again.
V Some core elements and functionality moved
V "Rotate" and "Merge/Split" event buttons no longer in the lower menubar.
* You can't add them back.
* Not intuitive when core functionality is moved, changed, or doesn't work
* No consistent gestures across pointing devices.
* Contextual menus and pop-ups have a new look. More iOS like.
V Buggy
* Overlay issues
* Text editing didn't work
* Remove location data button doesn't work
V Layout
V Window mode
* 3-panels, with "Info" and "edit" panel off at first
V I like the new "info" panel
* Easy access to Faces, Keyword, and Places meta data
* Some extended camera data (ISO, zoom, exposure, etc.) is displayed in "camera led" style display at top of info pane.
V Full Screen mode
* 2-pane since the left "Sources" pane goes away.
V Bottom "toolbar"
* Left: 'Full Screen', 'Search', Zoom
V Center: 'Slideshow'
* Events, Faces, Places, Albums, and Projects (root fullscreen mode)
* Right: 'Info', 'Create', 'Add to', and 'Share'
V Editing
* In column on the right
* 3 tabs: Quick Fixes, Effects, and Adjust
* Panels slide down with options and controls.
V Add to
* Album, Slideshow, Book, or Card
* Menu pops-up with Album, project, slideshow, etc.
* Or add new
V Sharing
V Clicking the "Share" button you get options for:
* Order Prints…
* Mobile Me Gallery…
* Flickr…
* Facebook…
* Email
* 'Web' sharing pops up a 'stacks' style submenu. Add new 'albums' (sets), apply to existing, or place on Wall/Photostream
V Email brings up new in iPhoto email with templates to choose from
* Checkbox to include images as attachments.
* No option to only email as attachments
* Still need to drag photos to Mail icon in dock to do that.
V Web Sources
* Mobile Me, Facebook, and Flickr
* Can add multiple accounts under the preferences, also email accounts
* List by Account Name under 'Web' in the 'Sources' column
V Click on a source to see albums
V Shows all albums even if created on web and not in iPhoto
* images downloaded from online galleries can’t be edited, put in albums or slideshows, or used to create projects. You can re-share them in an e-mail
V Info pane if you Click on Album
* Mobile Me: Change Settings…
* Facebook: Title, Description, Album Viewable By…
* Flickr: Title, Description
V Click on Photo to see and edit
* Title, description
V Facebook: Under 'Sharing panel' can see likes and comments
* No tagging or comment-viewing features on downloaded Facebook images.
* Flickr: comments not there?
V Projects
V Books, Cards
* Apple says they will bring back Calendars. Your saved Calendar projects will also come back.
* New themes, Cover Flow style presentation, Lots of customizable options
* Letterpress cards are nice, but expensive ($1.99 USD per card).
V Slideshows
* New themes. I like Vintage Photo, Places and Holiday mobile are also cool.
* Text slides. Allows you to overlay themed text.
V Nice Export options
* Presets like in iMovie, add to iTunes option
* Custom export still available.
* Adds to iPhoto Slideshow folder in your pictures folder
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.