Maccast Members 051 - 2010.10.27
V File Sharing
V Bonjour
* Not exactly "file sharing"
* Bonjour enables automatic IP address assignment without a DHCP server, name to address translation without a DNS server, and service discovery without a directory serve
* A way for computers to "find" each other (typically on a LAN) and connect without complex configuration.
* Once connected then you can use File Sharing services over that connection.
* Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), default
* File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
* Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
V Enable sharing
* This is LAN sharing, unless you have a static IP and open router/firewall
V System Preferences --> Sharing --> File Sharing…
* Define the folders you wish to share
V Define the users who can have access and at what level.
* Do this for each folder
* Read Only, Write Only (Dropbox), and Read & Write
* By default the Public folder in your home folder is shared along with it's Dropbox.
V Sharing options
* Share files and Folders using AFP
V Share files and folders using FTP
V FTP usernames and passwords are sent in clear text.
* Use 'Remote Login' and SSH for more secure FTP access
V SSH will use UNIX level accounts, groups, and permissions to control access.
* Go back and listen to Episode 48 with George Starcher to learn tips on securely enabling SSH.
V Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)
* Select specific user accounts.
V What about iOS?
V FTP is not recommend
* Sends authentication and files in plain text
* SFTP (SSH), there are no iOS API's for and no command line access from within an App
* AFP- A complicated protocol, and there's no high-level API for it on iOS.
* Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)
* A set of methods based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on World Wide Web servers.
* No high-level APIs for these protocols on iOS or Mac OS X for WebDAV either
* But it's layered on top of HTTP and developers can use OS X and iOS HTTP APIs
V And that's what most do.
* iDisk uses WebDAV protocols.
V Connecting to shared servers
V From the Finder
* Some servers, Bonjour devices, etc. will show up under 'Shared'
V Go-->Connect to Server…
* afp://, cifs://, ftp://, ftps://, http://, https://, nfs://, smb:// or vnc://.
* Authenticate to access non-public folders
* Also an option for "guest" access. "Public" folder.
V Clients
* Most support FTP, SFTP, WebDAV
* Transmit
* Cyberduck
* Interarchy
V In iOS file sharing apps there will usually be an option for 'WiFi' sharing (WebDAV)
* basically sets up a web server and you connect via HTTP protocol
* Can do it by entering the IP or Bonjour address into the Finder or use a web browser.
V iOS File transfer via iTunes
* Some apps support iOS's new file sharing in iTunes
* Unser the 'Apps' menu for the device in iTunes
* Allows you to "Add…" or "Save to…" files
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.