iPhoto Organization Tips
V Albums
* The old school way
* Short, but descriptive names
V Manual
* Add new album from the file menu and then drag items to the album on the left
V New way is to select items in the library and use the "Create" or "Add to" buttons in the lower tool bar
* Change album name by clicking in the toolbar
V Remove an photo from an album
* Select it and press 'Delete' key. Right click or click the "down" triangle --> Remove from album
* To delete from the album and your library hold Command+Option and press 'Delete' key. Right click or click the "down" triangle --> Trash
* In the latest version of iPhoto deleting actually moves photos to the 'Trash' in iPhoto. Photo-->iPhoto Empty Trash. Right+Click Trash icon in the Library column and choose 'Empty Trash'.
V Events
* These are typically created automatically when you import.
* Good idea to label your imports which till become the name of the event.
V Choosing 'Split Events' will create a new event based on your settings in the preferences
* General-->Auto Split Events Into (One per-day, One per Week, Two hour gaps, Eight-hour gaps)
* Make sure your camera's date and time are set properly
V After import you can split or merge events
* Drag one event onto another to merge it. Can also select multiple events, right click and choose 'Merge events'
* To split select the photo where you want the split and choose 'Events'-->Split Event
* Also choose Events-->Autosplit Selected Events
V Going Meta
V Date and Time
* Make sure set in your camera correctly
V If not you can adjust it
* Select the photos and choose 'Photos'-->Adjust Date and Time. This method will change, but shift the times and dates in a selected set accordingly.
V If you want to override the times and dates completely use the Photos-->Batch Change options
* Choose 'Date' and uncheck the 'Add' option. you can also use this option to selectively shift (second, minute, hour, day)
* The change you make is just to the iPhoto meta data. If you want to also change the original file dates and time you need to check the 'Modify original files' option.
V Keywords
* Real easy to add from the new info panel
* Select groups, or whole events or albums to apply all at once
V Window-->Manage Keywords
* Add or remove items
* Add shortcuts. When the keywords window is open you can have single keys that will apply a given keyword to the selected item
V Flagging
* Great way to quickly and temporarily pull together sets for tagging
V Faces
V From the sidebar, "Add face..." Doesn't work for group selections
* Can label found faces or add ones.
* Click the "X" to remove false positives.
* In Faces select a face and then it will scan for "unconfirmed" matches
V Confirm by clicking, unconfirm by double clicking
* Can also Option+Click to unconfirm
V Places
* If your camera has geo-tagging this may happen automatically
* Can add places from the sidebar
V Smart Albums
* Work really well if you have good metadata
* They auto update as you added new items and meta data
V Filter many different ways
* Titles
V Date ranges
* I like to create ones for each year
* Also have a 'Last 6 Months' that I use for syncing back to my iPhone
* Camera settings
* People or Places
* Keywords or ratings
V The 'Hidden' Smart Album
* "Photo" is "Hidden"
* Hiding is a great way to keep photos in your library, but hide them from the main view.
* You can choose View-->Show hidden to see them in context of your current view
* Can also make a 'hidden' smart album to see them all in one place.
V "Movies"
* "Photo" is "Movie"
* Get them archived and out of iPhoto if you want.