Maccast Members 056 - iMovie '11
V Audio editing
V adjust audio levels within a clip
* Clicking a button in the Project browser
* audio waveform below the clip
* drag to select
* drag the audio level (the Volume bar)
* automatically applies a fade to the section ends to avoid abrupt volume changes
V Easy fades
* When you position the mouse pointer over a clip’s audio waveform, fade handles can be dragged left or right to adjust the fade
V Additional audio enhancement
* equalizer, a slider for reducing background noise, and 20 audio effects
* Multi-Tune effect (Apple’s name for the auto-tune effect overused in a lot of pop music) is amusing but offers no fine control
* limited to one audio effect per clip
V Movie trailers
* Fun and easy to make
* Helps teach the concept of a storyboard
V Choose File -> Convert to Project to access the editable project
* duplicate first if you want to save the original trailer project
* if you’re planning an upcoming video shoot, create a new Movie Trailer project, click the Shot List tab, and build a list of scenes you need using the animatic placeholders found in the Maps, Backgrounds, and Animatics panel. Then, print the shot list (or save it as a PDF that you can take on location on an iPad, iPod, or laptop).
V Bring back the timeline
* Single Row View button in top window
* swap the Project browser and Event browser
V One-Step Effects
* shortcuts for making edits
* select a portion of the clip and choose Clip -> Fade to -> Black and White
* automated, but after applying an effect, you can edit its components
* Clip menu now allows access to common actions like speeding up or slowing down a clip. Don't have to open inspector.
* non-destructive. You can undo effects
V Other new effects
* blue screen in addition to green
* Side by Side effect
V People Finder
V Need to analyze your clips
* File-->Analyze Video…
* Faces and Stabelization (pans)
* Face detection vs. Recognition
* identifies number of people, close or wide, etc, but not who.
V Other Footage tags
* auto adds tags to identify clips
* people, pans (left or right)
V Photo improvements
V add a still photo that’s oriented vertically, iMovie automatically crops it to fit the project’s horizontal aspect ratio
* Click the new Allow Black button in the Viewer to include the entire photo (with black bars on the edges).
* click a thumbnail in the Photo browser now displays the full image in the main viewer so you can see it better
* photos added to the project get a green checkmark in the photo browser so you know what you've already imported.
V Rolling shutter correction
* a wavy effect in footage shot with CMOS sensor cameras
* "Apply rolling shutter correction for clips that have been analyzed" option.
V New themes
* News
V Sports
* Sports Team Editor
* Database of player names, positions, sports, and photos that can be called up to display stats on each person
* Data can be entered or imported from a CSV file
V Easy import
* Dropbox folder at ~/Movies/iMovie Events
* when you launch iMovie, you’ll be asked if you want to import any new videos added to that folder.
V Change All Title or Transition Styles
* Dropping a new style onto the title or transition section of a clip changes the style and then asks if you’d like to replace just the one title or all titles in the project.
V Video engine unchanged
* Video shot as interlaced (such as 1080i, where the camera records every other horizontal line in every frame) can display combing artifact
V Still no direct AVCHD support
* Converts footage to AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec)
* AVHDC is a highly compressed format and direct editing requires reconstruction of the frames on the fly which is an intense process. AVHDC is really designed for direct playback not editing.
* still will only save RAW AVHDC to disk for archive and import later
* iMovie ’11 does now support video shot at 24p (24 progressive frames per second) without converting the rate
V Exporting
* Vimeo and Facebook export in addition to Mobile Me and YouTube
* CNN iReporter
* 1080p export option