Maccast Members 057 - Custom Dictionaries
* Joseph who is a
* Turns out OS X's built in Dictionary has the ability to add custom dictionaries, but not much support.
V I could not find any resources distributing Mac OS X .dictionary files
* There is an open source project called StarDict and they have some repositories of dictionaries.
* They are a bit hard to find, but here is a directory
* The medical one I could find is under 'Babylon' (another project) --> Health Dictionaries
* Also are computing, language, biblical, and other dictionaries in the project.
V StarDict files are not OS X Dictionary compatible
* Luckily there is a converter. DictUnifier
* Under the Mac Dictionary Kit Google Project
* I had mixed results with the latest 2.0b3 version
* There is a big opportunity here
* Apple Developer Docs on "Dictionary Services"
* OS X Dictionary files use and XML schema and can be built fairly easily with a basic text editor
* The files then get "compiled" using a command line tool
V Download Apple's developer tools
* Developer-->Extras-->Dictionary Development Kit
V There is a project-template folder that contains the basic stuff
* XML, CSS, PLIST, and MAKE file.
* "other resources" folder for images, XSL, Preferences (for in Dictionary app)
V Once you have a valid .Dictionary file
* Installed in ~/Library/Dictionaries