Printing Labels
V Address Book
V Set things up in Address Book First
* Consider creating a group
* If you need "Family" labels in Snow Leopard you'll need to create new cards
* Add 'Xmas' in the note field and uses a 'Smart Group' makes it easy to delete when your done.
V Limited options but works
* File-->Print. Under 'Print style' select "Mailing Labels"
* Under Layout choose the label brand and style
* Can specify which address to use and select groups
V Under 'Label' pick the address (work, home, etc.)
V Use Distribution list to control Address
V Edit-->Edit Distribution List…
* Select the Group on the left
* In the second column pull down the title and select 'Address'
* For each entry select the address to use. It will appear in bold.
V Exporting using Numbers
V Open a new Blank Numbers document
* Delete the table if you want
* Drag in a group from Address Book
* Under the 'Table' menu choose 'Unhide All Columns'
* Delete any columns you don't want and clean up data
* Export
V 3rd party apps
V Address Book to CSV Exporter
* Free
* Put address into 1 field
V Export Address Book
* USD $18.00
V Avery
V Download Word Template
* Open in Pages
* View-->Show Layout to see underlying table
V File-->Save as Template
* ~/Library/Application Support/iWork/Pages/Templates
* Create a new folder called 'Labels' and save all templates there
* Then when you use the Template Chooser you'll have a 'Labels' category under 'My Templates'
* Online, you can import your CSV or Excel file
V Avery Design Pro Software
* Can get data Address Book
* No support for groups or partial labels
V Third party apps
* More features, support of other brand labels, label printer support, etc.
* Chronos SOHO Labels ($39.99)
* BeLight Labels and Addresses ($49.95)
V Some additional tips
* Great article on by Jay Nelson who does 'Design Tools Weekly' with Jeff
* Use the longest address in your address book to determine the maximum type size that will fit on your labels.
* Print on to paper first and then hold it up to the light over top of a sheet of labels to confirm alignment.
* Typically not a good idea to run partial sheets through laser printers