DHCP Reservations
* Stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
V What is an IP address?
* Internal "private" IP addresses vs public addresses
* If you have a home LAN and router then the router typically assigned the IP address and manages the leases
* If there is a problem with that management and devices end up with the same IP then the network can be effected
V Static IP addresses
* Set in the client.
* Trouble that with Macs, you would need to set up "locations" if you move between private networks
V DHCP Reservation
* A way to assign the same IP address to the same computer of devices from the DHCP server (router)
* Supported by Airport Express, Macs and iOS devices. Also many 3rd party routers.
V Finding a client id
* You will use either the DHCP Client ID or the MAC address to assign the DHCP reservation on your router
V DHCP Client ID
V On Mac, System Preferences-->Network-->choose interface (Ethernet, AirPort, etc.)
* Click the 'Advanced…' button
* When set to 'Configure Using DHCP' in the TCP/IP tab there is a box for DHCP Client ID
* Set the ID to whatever you want, but remember it for later
V On iOS
* Settings-->General-->Network-->Select the network
* Under 'DHCP' add a 'Client ID'
V MAC Address
V Media Access Control address.
* A number consisting of six groups of two hexadecimal digits separated by a colons
* For ANY network device, or more specifically interface. Not just an Apple thing.
V On the Mac
* System Preferences-->Network-->Select the Interface
* Click on the 'Ethernet' tab
* Note the Ethernet ID
* Can also find it in the System Profiler under 'Network'-->'Locations' and looking for the 'MAC Address' value for each interface.
V On iOS
* Settings-->General-->About
* Note the 'Wi-Fi Address'
V Make the reservation
V Specific instructions will vary slightly based on your network setting and router
* I use an AirPort extreme and private IPS in the range. and are also possible
V In the Airport Utility
* Select the Airport and click the "Manual Setup" button
* Select the 'Internet' section
* Then click on the 'DHCP' tab
V Setting the DHCP address range (optional)
* I do this to leave part of the range open for static IPs
* You can also check your DHCP lease time here
V Section for DHCP Reservations
* Click the "+" button
* In the 'Description' enter anything you'd like to remember the reservation
* Reserve by, choose MAC Address or DHCP Client ID
* Then enter the MAC Address or Client ID depending
* Set the desired IP address. Preferably outside the range of already DHCP assigned addresses on your network, but still in the DHCP range.
* Click 'Done' and then Update to reset the Airport
* You may need to reset the device or renew the DHCp lease for it to take effect on the client.
* From this point forward on your network it should always assign that IP address to that device.