Maccast Members 021 - 2010.07.07
V Batteries
* All Lithium Ion Batteries, so same rules apply across devices.
* Apple's Battery Page
V New Devices
* Charge to full before the first use.
V Charge Cycles
* Fast charge to 80%, then trickle.
V A cycle is draining and refilling the battery 100%
* Doesn't have to happen all at once. A 50% drain and then charge to 100% is a half a cycle. Next time that is done it becomes a full cycle.
V Apple rates their battery life as # of full cycles a battery can go through
* Important to note that they consider at number to where the battery can retain 80% of it's original charge capacity.
V Better to keep the battery cycling than at either end of the extreme. Plugged in all the time is not the best
* Apple recommends at least one charge cycle per month.
V Avoid extremes
* Over charging or letting a battery sit undercharged for log periods is bad.
V If you need to store a battery do so at 50%
* Deep discharge state can render incapable of holding a charge
* Stored fully charged for a long period could result in some capacity loss.
* Temperature is important too.
* Air flow. Heat is bad. Stored in a case or sleeve? Take out for charging.
V Battery life
* 2-3 years under normal usage conditions
* Results will vary depending on use and environment factors
V Dispose of batteries properly
* Swelling if extreme discharge or overcharging occurs
* Li-ion Polymer batteries generate gas when under or over charged.
* My Story about the Macbook Pro Battery
V Battery Replacement
* AppleCare covers batteries against defect, but not capacity loss in most cases
* iPods and iPhones that loose more than 50% of their capacity while under Applecare are covered. Not notebooks
* iPod battery replacements by Apple range from $40 to $79
* iPad replacements by Apple are $99 and iPhones are $79
* Older notebooks have replaceable batteries most around $129
* Newer sealed battery models are $129 for 13" and 15" models. $179 for 17" models. includes services
* Most in-store replacements can happen same day. Mail in 3-5 days.
V 3rd party services and batteries
* OWC, TechRestore
* iFixit for DIY guides
V Utilities
V System Profiler
* Apple menu --> About this Mac
* Under Hardware-->Power
V Charge information
* Full charge capacity and Full Charge remaining in mAh. Doesn't show original rated capacity.
* Health Information including Cycle count and Condition
* iStat (iSlayer)
* iBatt USD $19.00
* coconutBattery (free) - please donate
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.