Maccast Members 022 - 2010.07.10
V Green Screen with iMovie
* Requires iMovie '09 - Version 8.0 or better
V Purchase Chromakey Green Muslin Backdrop and lighting kits from CowboyStudio on Amazon
* backdrops range from $30 and up
* Lighting from $70 and up.
V Lighting is key.
* Even lighting on your green screen. Avoid wrinkles, marks, any color variations.
* Avoid any shadows. Those shift the color and make it hard to key out.
* Keep subject 4-5 ft away from the green screen background
* Position your subject and light them to match the "virtual" environment.
V Enable Green Screen
* iMovie-->Preferences-->General and click the Advanced Tools box
V Start with your background clip and trim and edit it to the length of your main clip and add it to your project. You can still fine tune the timing, but it works best to match things up first.
V You can use video clips or still images for your backgrounds.
* If using photos or still make sure they are pre-sized to match your projects video size (i.e. 960x540)
* Adjust the clip cropping. Under the Window menu or click the "cog" icon on the clip in the project viewer
* If you want to make sure you don't have a Ken Burns effect when you add stills change the "Initial Photo Placement" setting in File-->Project Properties… in the timing tab to "Cropped".
V Now select you main clip (with the green screen) and drag it up to the project area and drop it on top of your background
* Two kinds of cropping, 'Window-->Cropping, Ken Burns, Rotation' and Full or Cropped when you select your green screen clip in the project area.
V Green screen effects cannot be combined with or cover transition effects.
* One way around this would be to edit and composite your movie with green screen and straight cuts leaving in extra footage for the places you want transitions.
* Export the movie and reimport the composited video into a new project and add your transitions
V Tips and Tricks
* You can use cheap "shop lights" from the local home improvement store to light the screen
V Shoot a few extra frames at the end of your clip with just the green screen
* Under the 'clip adjustments' on your green screen clip there is a setting to "subtract last frame".
V Closing
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