Maccast Members 023 - 2010.07.14
V Doing more with Preview
* Power on the side. View-->Show Sidebar (Command+Shift+D) or click the Sidebar icon in the toolbar.
* Thumbnail view is easiest for me to work with, but it also offers a Contact Sheet, Table of Contents, and Annotations view.
V Getting stuff in
* Beyond open and drag and drop.
V File-->
* New from Clipboard (default foe Command+N)
V Import from Camera…
* iPhone, iPod Touch, Camera, Card readers
* Import from Scanner…
V Take Screenshot…
* From selection, Window, or Entire Screen
V Sidebar tricks
* Move pages to rearrange them.
* Drag pages from one PDF to another.
* Select a page and press delete to remove it.
* Multiple select (Shift+Click or Command+Click) to move or delete groups of pages
* Destructive editing for the most part.
* Need to use "Save As..." or start with a copy. Save or Save All will overwrite the originals asking fro confirmation (be careful)
V Working with PDFs
* Clip stuff into new documents with selection tool
V View--> Show Annotations Toolbar… Appears at bottom.
* Arrow, Oval, and Rectangle Shapes
* Text, Notes
* Control color, line weights, and Fonts
V Links (using the "Inspector" Tools-->Show Inspector…)
* Within a PDF or go to a URL
* Highlight, Strikethrough, and underline.
V Working with images
V Open multiples into a single document
* Preferences-->General and set the Open All Files in One Window option
* Images appear like pages in the side bar. You can mix images and PDFs
V Select multiple in sidebar and batch process
* rotate, flip, or resize.
V Tools-->Adjust Color…
* exposure, contrast, sharpness, etc.
* Can also annotate photos
V Select Tool->Smart Lasso and Instant Alpha
* Mixed results for both
* Smart Lasso should "snap" to edges
V Instant alpha, click and drag to contact or expand a red "mask" area. When you let go the red portions will be selected.
* Can use to try and "knockout" images
* Use Smart Lasso to make a "rough" selection of your subject. Then copy and do File-->New from Clipboard.
* Then use Instant Alpha to knock out most of the extra background area and finish up by zooming in and using the lasso tool.
V Control+Click and image in the sidebar
* Send to Mail…
* Send to iPhoto…
* Send to Aperture…
V Saving and Printing
* Convert to a number of formats. JPEG, PNG, GIF PDF, TIFF, PSD
V Print a contact sheet or X-up
* Select the pages or images from the sidebar
* File-->Print Selected Images…
* Make sure Auto Rotate is selected
* Set 'Scale to Fit' and 'Print Entire Image'
* Adjust the 'images per page' drop down to up to 16 images
* You can also have multiple of the same images per page by setting the 'Print X copies per page' option
V Your an icon
* Select the item in the finder that you want the icon image for and choose File-->Copy (Command+C)
* In Preview… File-->New from Clipboard
* You will get a document with all available sizes of that icon from the ICN file.
V Closing
* Feedback:
* Priority to your emails.
* Hotline: 281-622-4269
* ideas for topics, subjects you'd like covered, etc.