The App Store
V Thoughts on the new App Store
V Boon or bane?
V Boon
* Easy store front
* One click install and upgrade
V Install on ALL your Macs
* In App Store on another Mac, you can download from the "Purchases" section
* Since your authenticated it will install.
* If you "sneaker" net the app it will display the apps registered Apple ID (embedded in the app) and prompt you for the password.
* I think it also tracks UUIDs of installed Macs
* Desktop access to all users running Snow Leopard
* Straight forward terms. The 30/70 split
V Bane
* No trial or demo versions. Can't "unlock" in app.
* No upgrade pricing (more on this later)
* Don't control refunds.
* Growing pains
V Install on "All" your Macs
* Maybe not preferred for the developer
* Some forgot to implement the "control". On purpose?
* "personal" not business.
V Growing pains is going to be the tricky one.
V Many of these are the same kinds of issues developers have already been through with this iOS App Store
* Does that make it less or more painful this time around?
V What we have seen in less than a week.
V "Beta" user experience
* Not obvious to all the new Dock icon
* Only runs on Snow Leopard
* Download to Dock and stick.
* No settings or options
* Uninstall by trash now requires a password even when using an admin account.
V Race to the bottom pricing?
* Tied into marketing and exposure
* TUAW found majority of Apps aren't free. Biggest block in the $20-50 range, then $10-20, $4-5 and finally $1, then free
* Cheaper may not be cheaper, TUAW points out, sales tax on App Store.
* Crapware here we come?
V Name squatting
* Another one from the iOS store
* Weather HD
V To be Installed or not installed
* That is a great and confusing question
V Right now it looks like App Store or not and don't cross the streams
* If it was purchased outside the app store it won't update in the app store
* If you attempt to "re-download" an app not purchased in the App Store it will charge you again.
V Installing a free app via the App Store over an existing installed app does seem to update it and bring it into the App Store model
* Retains data? at least did for Evernote
V Except some apps did
* Bundle ID + version dilemma and confusion
* Problem is this is all VERY confusing for users
V Developers are "choosing" 1 of 3 options
* No App Store
V App Store only
V Lower pricing until users migrate
* Again confusing?
V Pixelmator
* Buy now (again) at reduced price, free update to 2.0 version.
V CoverSutra <-- Developer controversy
* Buy not at $5.00 reduced price, free upgrade to 3.0
* Had originally promised free upgrades to ALL users, not possible with App Store model.
V Both
* OmniGroup
V More rules, less features
* As a result of the not crossing the streams issue
V Apple's app rules restrict things that may be in existing versions of apps
* BBEdit and TextWrangler, authenticated saves (the ability to save changes to files that you do not own) and the command-line tools are not available in the App Store versions.
V Great start, a lot of room for improvement
* Apple and developers will work to get this sorted
* Luckily unlike the iOS store, developers can opt-out (until the consumer or competitive constrain gets too strong)
* I would like to see a better way for consumers to transition existing apps to the App Store.