Maccast Members 2011.03.22 - Home Sharing
V iTunes
* Touched on it when it was a new feature (episode 14)
V Will let you stream and transfer music, videos, and more with up to five other computers on your local network.
* Movie rentals cannot be streamed or transferred using Home Sharing.
V Enable from the Advanced menu. Turn 'On' Home sharing.
* Enter your iTunes (Apple ID) username and password. Use the same credentials for all computers and devices
* Click Create Home Share
V To use, you should see a 'Home' icon under the shared section in the left-hand menu
* There should be an icon for each Mac or PC with iTunes Home sharing on using the same credentials
V Once connected you can access all the content (with the exception of rentals) and stream it to your local iTunes
* Expand the Library and access the same sections as your local library
V Can also transfer content from one home share to another by dragging to the local library
* Use the 'Show' drop down at the bottom of the window to switch between viewing "all" items or "Items not in my library"
V Can automate the transfer of purchased items
* Connect to the Home Share
* With the shared library selected, 'Click the Settingsā€¦' button at the bottom of the main window.
* Check the items (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, or Apps) you want to sync when you launch your local iTunes
V Appears to supersede the old style of sharing accessed under iTunes-->Preferences-->Sharing
* You can have both enabled, but devices and computers participating in the Home Share will see that instead, not both.
V In these settings there is an option for 'Home Sharing computers and devices update play counts'
* Check on to have the counts update when content is streamed from a remote Home Share
* Requires iTunes 10.2 or greater and iOS 4.3 (latest updates).
* Can Have multiple devices streaming off a single library.
V Enable from Settings-->iPod
* Enter your Apple ID username and password in the 'Home Sharing' section.
* In the iPod app on iPhone and iPod there will be a 'Shared' library option or a 'Home Sharing' library item at the top of the list on the iPad
V For video iPhone slightly different from iPod and iPad
* iPhone everything is accessed via the iPod app
* iPad/iPod Touch use a separate Video app with a 'Shared' tab
V Apple TV 2 can also access home shares
* Computers > Turn On Home Sharing.
* The list of Home Share libraries will come up and can be accessed from the 'Computers' section on the Apple TV
* Original Apple TVs don't support home sharing, but can still access shared content using the old sharing.
V Photos
* In iTunes under Advanced-->Choose Photos to Share
V Set up photos you want to share from each computer with the Apple TV 2
* Set source to iPhoto, Aperture, or other folder
* Control Albums faces, or places, etc.
* I use a 'Last 6 months 'Smart Album'
V Remote App
* Slightly different UI, but can control multiple devices and libraries
V Enable 'Home Sharing' from the Remote App settings by turning the switch On
* Can also add non-Home Share libraries, by clicking the 'Add Library' option and entering the code in the iTunes library you want to access
* Good for remote controlling a library temporarily
* Now you can access remote Home Shared library from one computer and play it on the system you are remote controlling.
* When using the remote I noticed in my iTunes it set up a 'Remote' playlist and would change the contents as I switched items in the remote app.
V Air Play
* Add in Air Play and it all gets very interesting
* Now you can pull music from one Home Share source into another device or computer and then send it to a set of Air Play speakers
* Not only that you can use Remote App to set it all up and control it from a different device.
V Example
* I can use remote app on my iPhone 4 to select a song from my iMac and start playing it on my Macbook Pro and then from my iPhone tell the Macbook Pro to send the music to the speakers connected to my Air Port Express using Air Play