Maccast Members 2011.04.10 - Mobile Me Tricks
V Share large files
V Put the files on your iDisk. Don't have to be in the public folder.
* May want to Zip (Compress) it first.
* Control+Click, select Archive…
* Log on to to your account at
* Click the iDisk icon, find your file and click the Share button.
* Enter the email address of person you want to share the file with.
* Can set a password and/or expiration date for the sharing.
V Once shared you will see a 'shared URL' give that to anyone to access the file
* Also listed in the "Shared Files' section in your Mobile Me account
* Careful, if you re-name or move a shared file it will break the link.
* Click 'Sharing options' and then 'Unshare' to stop sharing a file.
V Allow access to the public folder for uploads
* This can be accessed from a Web Browser, or the Finder (Go-->iDisk-->'Other User's Public Folder)
* System Preferences-->Mobile Me-->iDisk (tab)
V In the 'iDisk Public Folder' section
* You will see the URL for you're public folder
* 'Allow other's to write files in your public folder'
* Can also set a password for access.
* Via the web interface ( people can now upload files
* Can also create folders and delete items.
V iDisk app for iOS
* Let's you access all your files
* Send them to other apps, via the 'Open In…' option
* Set files to be shared.
* Apps like 'Good Reader' can directly access you're iDisk.
V Access Other users public folders
* Add from contacts in you're Address Book
V Host your web site
* iWeb makes it easy
V Add HTMl files and folders to your iDisk-->Web-->Sites
* URL is the
* you can also put your own HTML files
* Rapid Weaver or Freeway
V Mail aliases, rules, and vacation messages
V Can create up to 5 mail aliases under you're account
* In Mobile Me Mail, click the settings-->Preferences
* Click on Addresses and then click the "+" to add an address
* Choose 'Mail Alias' and click 'Next'
* set your alias name, full name, label color and description and click done
V Set up Rules
* Now you can use the alias or other parameters to set up rules
* In Mobile Me Mail, click the settings-->Rules
V Click the 'Add a Rule' drop down.
* Options for Move to folder, Move to trash, or forward.
* Set your rule criteria (can add multiple) and click save
* These are applied inbound at the server, so good for filtering junk on iOS
V Set Vacation message
* In Mobile Me Mail, click the settings-->Preferences
* Click the 'Vacation' tab
* Check the 'Auto Response' and enter your message
* When you get back, go in and uncheck the box.
V Share Photos
* From iPhoto and Aperture to Mobile Me Gallery
* In iPhoto, select an album or individual photos
* Choose 'Share'-->'MobileMe Gallery…'
* Add to existing album or create a new one
V Choose options
* Viewable by has options for private (just you, everyone, or you can add usernames and passwords)
* Allow downloading or uploading via web interface or email.
* Advanced options to 'hide' album making it semi-private.
* Set download quality.
* Email address is displayed in the MobileMe gallery album in iPhoto or in you're account in the settings for the album.
* Albums are at
V Find my iPhone or iPod Touch
* Requires an iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch (4th generation) running iOS 4.2 or later to set up the ID.
* Once the ID is there you can use the feature on other devices
* On the device go to Settings-->Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
* Click the 'Add Account…' and select MobileMe
* Enter your AppleID and password or click the 'Create Free Apple ID' option.
* Once signed up you turn on the Find My iPhone switch and can then use the app or '' site to locate your device.
* Can now use that same account to register multiple devices.
V Mobile Me Free?
* Rumors are that Apple may make some, if not all, Mobile Me services free soon.
* Can get a 60 day free trial.