Maccast Members 2011.04.30 - Mail Tips
V Turn off name on email paste
* A cool tip from Melissa Holt at Mac Observer
* When you hover over an email address in the header or address fields you can click the drop down and copy the email address.
* By default you get more than just the email address, you get the name in < > brackets. Annoying.
V Terminal command
* defaults write AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -bool NO
* Use Secrets
V View attachment as icon
* When you place attachments that Mail can display those appear inline with the text.
* If you control-click or right-click you can see an option to 'View as icon'
* Repeat the process and choose 'View in Place to change back.
V Attachment always at end
* by default attachments get inserted at the current cursor position.
* Go to 'Edit-->Attachments' and choose 'Insert attachments at End of Message' to always have your attachments inserted at the end.
* Here is also the setting for 'Send Windows Friendly Attachments'
* If you have trouble with Windows users receiving JPEGs try changing the extension to .jpeg before attaching.
V Control Address Fields displayed
* Use the View menu you can turn on or off the CC, BCC, and Reply To fields. These will be maintained for each new email you compose
* You can use the little customize filed drop down in the compose window also. Choose 'customize' and you can check the boxes next to the desired fields.
V Mail to undisclosed recipients
* Helpful for doing organization or group mailings and keeping addresses anonymous
* Create a Group in Address Book and add the addresses
V Still in address book create a new entry
* Set first name to 'undisclosed' and last name to 'recipients'
* Set the email address to the same address that the email will be from.
* Compose a new message and set the To address to the 'Undisclosed Recipients'.
* Enable the BCC filed and add your group
* Now when you email the addresses will be hidden.
V Clear previous recipients
* People often wonder why strange addresses often show up in auto-complete.
* Not just from Address Book, but also from a list of everyone you've sent or replied to in an email. Might have old addresses for some people
* Go to 'Window-->Previous Recipients'
* Select names and click the 'Remove from List' button
V More 'Secrets' tricks
* Set an address to always BCC all emails to. (overrides anything set in MAIL)
* Set a default Reply to address. (overrides anything set in MAIL)
V Turn off Data Detectors
* I personally love data detectors.
* Over over and address, name, or number and you can instantly add or update a record in Address book
* Force to always view text only if it's available.
V Use Stationary to spruce up your email
V Compose a new message and click the 'Show Stationary' button in the toolbar.
* If you don't see it, use the View menu and select Customize toolbar to add the stationary and photo browser buttons.
* Select a design and compose your email.
* Use the 'Photo Browser' to add images to any image wells.
V There are 3rd party sites for more stationary designs
* I like the ones from Equinux, Stationary Pack
* They also just released Mail Designer that lets you design your own stationary
* Send email from iPhoto '11
V Send HTML email using iWeb for Design
* You will need a server to upload to via Mobile Me, FTP or Other means (save to folder)
* Launch iWeb and create a new 'Site'. Maybe called Mail or Emails?
* Create your design and publish it to your server.
* View the page in Safari and the choose 'File-->Mail Contents of this Page' (Command + I)
* Using a local (file view) will not work.
V The Activity Window and Connection Doctor
V Command+0 or Window-->Activity Window
* See what's happening with mail accounts
V Window-->Connection Doctor
* Shows connections to servers.
* Helpful of you're having trouble sending or receiving
* Use the 'Show Details' button to see a detailed log. Need to have it already open when the connection starts to see the data.