Maccast Members 2011.05.17 - Function Keys
V What they do out of the box
V Apple and OS X have defined the 'fn' keys as "special" and mapped a bunch of functionality to them
* F1 - Brightness Down
* F2 - Brightness Up
V F3 - Exposé
* F3 - All Windows
* Control+F3 - All Application Windows
* Command+F3 - Show Desktop
* F4 - Dashboard
* F5 - Backlight Keyboard Brightness down
* F6 - Backlight Keyboard Brightness up
* F7 - Previous Track/Rewind
* F8 - Play or pause
* F9 - Next Track/ Fast Forward
* F10 - Mute
* F11 - Volume Down
* F12 - Volume Up
V Getting function keys back
* Go to your System Preferences --> Keyboard & Mouse --> Keyboard
* Check the box that says “Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys.”
V To use the "special" key functionality after the change
* Hold the “Fn” (function) key to enable them.
* On most Apple compact and built in keyboards the 'fn'"key is to the left of the 'Control' key on the left side
* On extended keyboards it's in the little group to the right of the delete key
* By the way if you have the fn keys in "special" mode you can use the "fn" modifier key to use their standard functionality.
V What can I do with them now?
* Actually use them as 'F' keys. Many apps, especially pro ones use these keys for various shortcuts
V Access Expose, "the old way"
* I prefer this method as I don't need a modifier key to access the different expose modes
* F9 - Tile or untile all open windows
* F10 - Tile or untile all open windows in the currently active application
* F11 - Hide or show all open windows
* F12 - Hide or display Dashboard
V Keyboard access to Dock, menubar, and menubar items
* Control-F1 - Toggle full keyboard access on or off
* Control-F2 Move focus to the menu bar
* Control-F3 Move focus to the Dock
* Control-F4 Move focus to the active (or next) window
* Shift-Control-F4 Move focus to the previously active window
* Control-F5 Move focus to the toolbar.
* Control-F6 Move focus to the first (or next) panel
* Shift-Control-F6 Move focus to the previous panel
V Control-F7 Temporarily override the current keyboard access mode in windows and dialogs
* Tab moves between Text Boxes and lists only or All controls.
V Navigating menus and Dock, etc with the keyboard is generally
* Tab or arrow keys to move between items
* spacebar to activate (click), sometimes Return (Enter)
* Esc to exit
V Apps for better control of FN
V Paula, Molowa ($0.99)
* A menubar item that lets you quickly toggle between standard mode and Apple Mode
* Keyboard shortcut (Command+Option+Tab) to toggle or use drop down
* Nice HUD to see which mode you've switched to.
* App Store Link
V Function Flip, Kevin Gessner (Donation)
* System preference pane that lets you selectively assign which key use standard mode and which use Apple mode
* So if you just want to enable Apple's iTunes controls you can have those, but let the other keys still function as standard.
* Can control built-in notebook keyboard separate from external Apple keyboards