Maccast Members 2011.06.13 - Losing Rosetta
V Rosetta will not be supported in Lion
* Lion will be released on the Mac App Store in July, but if you are dependent on older apps like Quicken and Office 2004 and older versions of Quicken
* So how do you tell which apps might require Rosetta and what are your options if you still need those apps?
V Do I have Rosetta Apps?
V Select the Application in the Finder and do a Get Info
* Under "Kind" it will show in parentheses
* Intel, Universal you are OK
* If it says "Power PC" it requires Rosetta
V Use System Profiler
* Applications-->Utilities-->System Profiler
V Under the Apple Menu
* Choose About this Mac
* Click the 'More Info…' button
* Shortcut: Hold the Option key down while clicking the Apple menu and the 'About this Mac' will become 'System Profiler…'
V Under the 'Software' section click on 'Applications'
* If you don't see it make sure you are using the 'Full Profile' under the 'View' menu
* Sort by the 'Kind' column and check for any apps listed as 'Power PC'
V Here are some common apps you may be using
* Quicken 2007
* FileMaker 6
* FileMaker 8
* Adobe CS1
* Microsoft Office 2004
V Don't forget drivers
* Print drivers may also rely on Rosetta, but are trickier to figure out
* Check with the printer manufacturer's support site to see if they have updated Universal drivers
* The System Preferences could be an issues, but it hasn't supported Rosetta since 10.4.5, so you've likely updated all your System Preference panes by now. (some older versions allowed you to run in Rosetta mode, but that was long ago).
V Running PowerPC after Lion
V So what are your options if you still need these apps?
* 1) Don't upgrade. You could stick with Snow Leopard, it should be supported for security patches for a while
* 2) Dual boot. Partition or get a second external drive and load Snow Leopard and your unsupported Rosetta Apps
V 3) Run a second Mac with an older OS
* Dust off an old Power PC Mac or run an Mac with Snow Leopard or earlier OS
V Use a KVM switch to make things easier or access using Remote Access
* Could also set it up as a second server on your network
* Get creative
* You likely have a friend or family member who is looking for a home for their old PPC machine.
V 4) Upgrade or find alternative apps that are Universal
V Depending on your needs there are many great options
V 5) Run Windows
* I know extreme, but you could use the "better" windows versions of the Apps under Parallels or VMWare fusion.