Maccast Members 2011.07.21 - Upgrade to Lion
V Prepare for install
* I ran disk maintenance using Disk Utility and Cocktail
* Pulled an extra Super Duper clone
V Clean install of Snow Leopard
* Booted from my Snow Leopard DVD
* Ran Disk Utility and did an partition and erase of the main hard drive
V Clean installed Snow Leopard
* I make sure to customize the default install
* I don't install the Language Extras
V I also Install Quicktime 7 and left out Rosetta
* Need to re-authorize QT Player Pro 7, so dig out your key
* On reboot I choose the "Don't transfer now" option from the Set-up Assistant (you can used migration Assistant later)
V Set up my user account using the same name I had on my old system.
* Then copied the contents specific folders from my old Home folder on the Super Duper backup
* Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, Movies, Music, Pictures, Public, and Sites
* Choose to overwrite where needed.
V Left Library folder behind
* It's hidden in Lion BTW.
* Hold Option+Click the Go menu and Choose 'Library' to make it show up temporarily
V Ran all OS X Software updates
* I think I only had to do one round, but run it until there are no more updates
V Copied over the ~/Library/Mail and ~/Library/Mail Downloads folders
* Also moved the ~/Library/preferences/
V Installed iLife and iWork from Original disks
* Ran the software updates again to go those updates
* Hand copied the files from all four Library-->Application Support and Library-->Preferences locations
* Launched the Apps to make sure settings and stuff transferred properly
V Application re-install dance
V Basically did this process for all the apps I wanted to migrate
* 1) Reinstall latest version of the app from original disk or download. App Store apps all re-downloaded automatically.
* 2) Copied over Application Support and Preference files
V 3) Launched the app and confirmed it was working. Re-registered if necessary
* I use 1Password to store all my serial numbers and it's database is in Dropbox
* Installed these two apps first.
V 4) Ran software update for that app to get any updates
* A number have been updated to support Lion, so do it now
* 5) Lather, rinse, repeat. And yes this is tedious.
V I had also backed up my development stuff
* Basically my MySQL databases (did a full dump) and Apache config and host files
* Restored this stuff by had also
V When all that finished I verified everything was working as expected
* Then I ran Disk Utility-->Repair Permissions
* Ran Cocktail to clean up one more time (maybe not necessary)
* Did a 3rd Super Duper backup of my new "clean install" of Snow Leopard
V Upgrading to Lion
* Now the easy part.
V Launched the App Store and bought and downloaded Lion
* Took a long time
* Adds the installer to the Dock and launches after it downloads
V I quit the install, so I could back up the installer
* It's 4GB and I wanted to sneaker net it to other systems
* I also plan top make a bootable image (will cover in a future show)
* Right-click in the Dock-->Options-->Show in Finder. Copy the "Install Mac OS X Lion" installer to a back-up disk
* Launch the installer form the Dock and let it do it's thing.
V First look at Lion
V Ui changes
* Seem subtle at first, but creep up on you
* Flat less glossy look
* More squared corners
* Feel more sophisticated and "gown up"
V Not sure about the loss of sidebar colors
* I don't like devices being at the bottom
* Lack of color or custom icons make it harder to scan and find the thing your looking for
V Somebody loves Core Animation
* Lots of things feel "swishy"
* A lot of it seems superfluous
V Natural scrolling, not so natural but I plan to stick it out
* You can tun it off in the 'Mouse' setting & 'Trackpad' settings
* Mouse it's under the 'Point & Click' tab
* Trackpad it's under the 'Scroll & Zoom' tab
* Uncheck 'Natural' scrolling
V General inconsistency between Mouse gestures and trackpad gestures
* I understand why, but it's going to make moving back and forth tricky
* Typically you use 1 finger on the mouse for 2 finger trackpad gestures and 2 fingers on the mouse for 3 finger trackpad gestures.
* 2-finger tap on magic Mouse to access Mission Control
* I think Apple is subtly saying get a trackpad, especially if you use external devices with your notebook.
V Strange, but nice to not have a 'Save' or 'Save As' in auto-save apps
* Command+S now saves a version
V 'Duplicate' option seems to replace 'Save As…'
* Adds '_Copy' to the filename until you save.
* Click the filename in the menubar to get a drop down to access versions
* Can copy items from old versions into the new document.
* Auto correct and dictionary works like iOS. I like that.
V Full screen mode is cool and auto-switching spaces with a swipe feels more natural to me than Spaces ever did
* The old way of Spaces appears to be gone
V Some Lion tips
V Switch Dashboard back to old way
* Go into System Preferences-->Mission Control
* Uncheck the box that says, 'Show Dashboard as Space'
V Set-up hotkey for Launchpad
V If you don't have a trackpad or Magic Trackpad
* The trackpad gesture is a 4 finger pinch in
* There is also a Launchpad icon added to the Dock
V You can go int System Preferences-->Keyboard and then use the 'Launchpad & Dock' section to assign a hot key
* Double-click the area on the right where it shows the hotkey assignment (blank at first)
* Assign the hotkey you'd like. I'm using F8, but you can use modifier keys.