Maccast Members 2011.07.31 - Exploring Safari
V Intro
* Apple has made some significant updates in the latest version of Safari
* Some of the new stuff is Lion exclusive and some is just 5.1
V New Downloads Popover in Lion
V Arrow button appears to the right of the Smart Search Field and shows you the progress of your download
* Clear list or click the magnifying glass to show in Finder
* Can drag items directly out of that list to move them in the Finder
* Safari-->Preferences-->General tab. Can set the "Remove download list items". Options are 'Manually, "When Safari Quits", and "Upon Successful Download".
V Privacy changes
V New Privacy Pane
* Control cookies and web site data
* Safari removes cookies, Flash plug-in data, and information from databases, local storage, and the application cache.
V Click 'Detailsā€¦' to see what data specific suites collected and remove it.
* This only has broad categories like, "Cookies", "Session" data
* Can remove data for specific sites from this menu
* To clear individual specific cookies for specific sites you'll need to use the "Developer" menu
* The 'Reset Safariā€¦' menu item has been simplified to just 'Remove all website data'.
V Clear Individual Cookies
* Safari-->Preferences-->Advanced (tab)
* Check on the 'Show Develop Menu in Menubar'
* Navigate to the specific site you want to see and remove the cookie for
* Under 'Develop' menu choose 'Show Web Inspector' and then click the 'Resources' tab from the list on the left
* Expand the 'Cookies' section and click the site URL for the cookies you want to see
* In the right pane you can see individual cookie data and click and delete by selecting and clicking the "X" at the bottom of the 'Web Inspector' window.
V Other cools stuff in the "resources" view
* Session storage, Local Storage, SQL Lite Database storage (local)
* Images, including ones loaded in backgrounds and CSS. Drag and drop out of the main window.
V Window-->Activity to grab FLV videos
* Find the largest file in the list and double click it.
* Doesn't seem to work with HTML video
V Sandboxing
* All the web content and applications you use in Safari on Lion are sandboxed.
* Malicious code can't get to system resources to steal data or harm your system
V I've seen reports that this may be causing memory issues for some
* Lots of open tabs and the "Resume" feature causes issues
* Option+Quit the Safari to quit and discard windows
V Applications-->Utilities-->Activity Monitor
* Sort by the Real Memory
* Chances are at the top of the list will be 'Safari Web Content'
* Mine starts around 250-300MB or RAM with 1 tab open
* Opening tabs can make it creep up, but mine hovered around 350 or so. Some report as high as 1GB.
* Also it seems like it starts 1 thread per tab which would make sense.
V Media Caching
* Stores HTML 5 data locally, but where?
* ~/Library/Caches/
* SQLLite database with a "blobs" table
* Mine was almost 200 MB in size
* Can open it with Navicat Lite or SQL Lite Browser, but can't make sense of it.
V Reading List
* Reading List lets you save web pages to read or browse later.
* Click the eyeglasses icon on the left side of the bookmarks bar to show or hide your Reading List.
V Add pages to Reading List
* Click the "+" button in the Smart Address Field
* When your Reading List is open, click the Add Page button
* Shift-click any link on a page to add it.
* Add to Reading List Service in other apps.
V Autofill
* In Lion when you start filling in a form you get a drop down that let's you choose from your address book
* Only fills in the data after you choose it.
V Uses the data from your card in the Address Book
* Open Address Book
* Select the card you want to be your card and choose 'Make this my card' from the 'Card' menu
* Can choose 'Show my card' to just to your card if you have it already set.
V Address Book Bookmarks
* Safari-->Preferences-->Bookmarks
* Show in Collections (bookmark window), Bookmark Bar, and/or Bookmark menu
V Bookmarks-->Show All Bookmarks
* Choose the Address Book from the Collections (if you enabled it there)
* Coverflow view of the URLs in the contact records in your address book
* Expand the panel at the bottom to see a list by contact record name
* Good if you have a collection of contacts from a trade show and have grouped them
V New 'Find' options
* When finding times on a page. Command+F search
* Click the magnifying glass in the Find search field to get options to search for text that either contains or starts with the word or phrase .