Apple iPhone Event - 2011.10.04
V Opening
* Apple Retail summary
V Macs
* MacBook Pro and iMac are the 1 best selling notebook and desktop in the US.
* The Mac outgrew the PC market by almost 6x
* NPD August 2011, Apple 23% market share (year over year growth?)
V OS X Lion
* Over 6M copies of Lion downloaded
* 80% more sales than Snow Leopard
V iPod
* 78% Market Share
* Over 300 million iPods have been sold
* Microsoft discontinued the Zune
V iPhone
* iPhone 4 represents over half the iPhones Apple has ever sold
* 93% of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying the iPhone
* 70% very satisfied customers, vs. 49% for HTC (next closest) (source: ChangeWave, June 2011)
* 5% share of the overall market in handsets
* "This is an enormous opportunity for us."
V iPad
* 95% consumer satisfaction rates
* Schools, Pilots, Hostpitals and using or test piloting iPads
* 92% of the Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad
* 3 out 4 tablets sold are iPads
* Sold more than a 250 Billion iOS devices. iOS the number 1 mobile OS
* 61% of the Mobile Browsing market (Net Applications Aug 2011)
* 500k apps on the App Store.
* 140k of these are made for the iPad
* 18 Billion apps downloaded
* $3B paid out to developers
V New App, Cards
* Create on the phone and Apple mails them
* Templates look like the ones in iPhoto
* Push notification when it mails and arrives
* App Free, available Oct. 12th. Cards: $2.99 mailed in US, $4.99 elsewhere.
V iOS 5
V Reviewed the 10 features the showed off at WWDC
* Notifications
* iMessage
* Reminders
* Twitter integration
* Newstand
* Camera App. Photo from lock screen, editing.
* Safari, Tabbed browsing
* Mail enhancements
* PC Free
* Game Center
* Free update. Available October 12th.
V iCloud
* iTunes in the Cloud
* Photo Stream, like iTunes in the cloud for photos
* Back in the cloud
* Find My iPhone
V Find my Friends
* Friends and Family location service
* Find people by location
* Set location sharing blocks of time
* Temporary sharing options
* Privacy and parental controls
* Free for iOS 5 and Lion users
* iTunes Match Music service, USD $25/yr.
* Launches October 12th
V iPod Nano
* Improved multi-touch. Bigger icons. Swipe between instead of grid.
* Improved the fitness. No sensors needed.
* New watch faces. Chronograph style, Micky and Minnie Mouse, etc.
* Available today. Lower Price: $129 8GB $149 16GB
V iPod Touch
* Added White
V Available on October 12th.
* 64GB, USD $399.00
* 32GB $299.00
* 8GB USD $199.00
V iPhone 4s
* Dual Core A5 with up to 7x faster graphics
V Improved battery.
* 8 hours of 3G talk time.
* 9 hours of wi fi browsing.
* Improved antenna design, "It can now intelligently switch between two antennas between send and receive to make even better call quality.”
V Improved HSDPA.
* Apple claims that matches 4G and is faster in "real world" use
* Computerworld recorded a 13.3Mbps average download speed on Verizions LTE 4G network, but a 26.1MBPS peak
* Old Theoretical max of 5.8 up and 7.2 down — now same up but down doubles to almost 14.4Mbps.
* Worldphone. iPhone 4S has both GSM and CDMA.
V Camera
* New sensor. 8 megapixels.
* Up to 3264-by-2448-pixels
* A Hybrid IR filter. Better color
V Wider improved optics
* 5 lens elements
* 30% more sharpness
* f/2.4 lens
* 73% more light from backside sensor.
* Faster (1/3rd faster). Apple claims 1.1 seconds to first photo and 0.5 sec between shots.
* Apple designed Image Processor "chip" in the A5
* Face detection. Better white balance.
V Video
* 1080p
* Real-time image stabilization
* Temporal Noise reduction
V Siri
* Voice recognition and language parsing
* Also does text to speech
* Contextual, build one command on top of a response
* Dictation
* In Beta
* Launching with support for English, French, and German
* The app is being removed and it will be iPhone 4s exclusively
* Available on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in US
V Pricing
* 16GB, USD $199.00
* 32GB, USD $299.00
* 64GB, USD $399.00
* iPhone 4, USD $99.00
* iPhone 3GS, Free
* All pricing requires a 2-year contract
V Pre-orders start October 7th, Release October 14th
* US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan
* Launch in 28 additional countries on October 28th
* 70 countries total by the end of the year.