Understanding Why Siri Understands You
V Finder Tricks
* I wanted to explore some options and tricks in Lion's Finder that might help make things more useful
V Change New Window Default
* I believe the default in Lion is now for new Finder windows to open to the new 'All My Files' view
* To change that behavior go to Finder-->Preferences… and under the General tab change the 'New Finder Windows Show' setting
V The options are:
* Computer, Hard Drive, iDisk
* Home, Desktop, Documents
* All My Files
* Other… (Allows you to pick any volume, folder, or location)
V Organizing the Sidebar
V Click and drag to reorganize items within a group
V Unfortunately there is no way to control the default order of the groupings
* Favorites, Shared, Devices
V Remove items by dragging them out while holding the command key. Should see the smoke puff.
* Can also right click and Choose remove
V Add items by dragging them into the sidebar
* Useful for adding the Library folder in Lion
* Use Go menu to access hidden Library folder by holding down the 'option' key.
* Once visible drag it to the sidebar. You should be able to see it 'greyed out' in column view
V Manage from the Finder-->Preferences Sidebar tab
* Check on or off default items.
V Customize the Toolbar
* View-->Customize Toolbar…
* Presents the toolbar customization pane
* You can add additional items to the toolbar, like the 'Path' dropdown, 'Connect', or 'Get Info'
* You can also rearrange items while in this mode by dragging them
* When not in edit mode, you can re-arrange items in the toolbar by holding down the command key and dragging items
* You can also add your own files, folders, or even apps to the toolbar.
* Hold Command and drag item out of the toolbar to remove it
V Access UNIX directories
* Use the 'Go--->'Go to Folder' menu
* Can now type any UNIX level path and access the contents of that folder (Directory)
* Examples. '/etc' or '/private'
* Or '~/Library' to access your Users Library folder.
* Be careful access ing hidden directories because you could do damage to your system if you edit or delete the wrong file or folder
V Saved Searches and Smart folders
* When doing a Finder search from the toolbar in the results screen there is a 'Save' option
V Can control where the search is being performed from the search bar just above the results
V Default is the entire computer, but you can change it from the Finder-->Preferences Advanced tab.
* "When performing a search:"
* Options are: 'Search This Mac', 'Search Current Folder', 'Use the Previous Search Scope'
V Also from the search bar you can click the "+" icon to add additional search criteria
V The first dropdown is your filter name
* Accessing 'Other…' gives tons of options.
* These can be added to the drop down by clicking the 'In Menu' option
* I like to add at least 'System files' and 'File Visibility'
* The second is usually the criteria, like 'is' or 'contains'
* The last item is the filter value
* If you hold the option key down the "+" becomes an ellipses and you can add boolean criteria. All or Any
V Finally you can save complex searches and add them to the sidebar for later use
* These are saved by default in your ~/Library/Saved Searches folder
V Arrange By
* I believe this is a new option in Lion
* Works in all Finder View and allows you to group items by various criteria
V Accessed from the toolbar item or under 'View'-->'Arrange By'
* Name, Kind, Application, Date Last opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created, Size, Label
* The 'Applications' folder has an option of 'Application Category' which replaces the 'Application' option
V I have found setting my 'All My Files' sidebar item to arrange by 'Date Modified' to be much more useful than it's default setting which is arrange by 'Kind'.
* With Date Modified, the documents I worked with most recently are always displayed and this works in 'Open' dialog boxes which is great when moving between apps.
* For example, I prep an image with Acorn and then want to upload that with Transmit. In the open dialog box I select the 'All my Files' location and because it's arranged by 'Date Modified' the file I just worked with is the first item I see.
V Spotlight Previews
* If you do a search from the Spotlight menubar item
* Hover over a result and wait a moment to get a preview in Lion
* If you hold down the Command Key while you hover you'll get a status bar at the bottom.
* The Status bar shows the name or contents first and if you wait to will toggle to the path (location) and then back and forth.
* You can now also drag items directly out of the Spotlight search results dropdown pane and a copy will be made of the document
V Add multiple items to folder
* If you select multiple items in a folder and then Control+Click (right_click) there is now a 'New folder with Selection' option as the first choice.
* It even drops you right into editing the new folder name, so you can name it and be done quickly.
* You can of course Command+Select items to add multiple different items to the folder
* Also don't forget that you can still also Control+Click after your selection and create an Archive of the selected items. This will copy the items into a ZIP archive. Great for emailing items, especially to PC users.
V Keep Both or Skip
* When copying or moving multiple items in the Finder if the destination already has items with the some name you now get a choice
* Keep Both, Stop, or Replace.
* You can toggle the 'Keep Both' option to be 'Skip' if you hold down the option key.
* Likewise, if the default option comes up as 'Skip' then holding the option key will present the 'Keep Both' option.
* When keeping both a number is appended to the filename to make it unique in the destination folder.