V My Favorite Accessories
* Some of the things that I rely on to help make my Apple life work.
V STM Bags
* Specifically the "Loft". Brown with orange leather accents (yeah, very hipster)
* They don't make it anymore, but they have a very similar one called the "Alley"
V I like the balance between size of the bag and the amount of stuff it can hold
* Keeps my 15" Macbook Pro and an iPad 2
* case with all my small accessories
* Power adapter and cable. Portable power strip
* Few cables and video adapters
* Moleskine, pencil, cards (in cell phone pouch on strap)
* Room for some papers in the zippered pouch on the back, sometimes a magazine.
* In a pinch, extra cables and stuff in the "flap" pouch.
V Vertical orientation gives access to the iPad or Macbook while it's still on my shoulder.
* Has a handle if you prefer to hand carry it.
V Has lasted incredibly well
* Not sure on the Alley as the materials are a little different
* Lifetime warranty
* Price: $44.95 USD
V Matais iRizer
* Laptop stand, $39.95 USD
* 2 piece design that folds completely flat for travel
V 1 piece fits into slots in the other that allow for 4 different angles depending on the slot
* 20, 30, 40, or 50 degrees
V I use it mainly as a desktop stand to lift the Macbook pro to better desktop height.
* Also good for travel to put at a better angle for typing on the notebook
* does have a little "bounce" which I don't like
* The way the Macbook Pro rests in the stand it elevates it off the desktop and has space so you get better airflow and cooling
* Came with a "Mini Riser" which works for an iPod or iPhone. I don't use it too much, but may be handy for some.
* They also have an iPad version, but the laptop one also kind of works for an iPad
V Apple Wireless Keyboard
* Versatile, portable keyboard. $69.00 USD
V Bluetooth, so works with all my devices
* Need to completely remove from the Macbook before the iPad will see it.
* Small and very portable
V Incase Origami Workstation
* Protector and case for Apple Wireless keyboard, $29.95 USD
* Covers and protects my keyboard.
* little extra edge helps me avoid pressing the power on button when sliding in my bag
* Plastic clips securely hold the keyboard via the battery "bump"
* Top has a couple "score" points that let it fold around and convert into a stand for the iPad
* The same velcro tabs that hold the case closed over the keyboard also hold the cover in the stand position.
* iPad can orient in portrait or landscape
* Wish it offered more angle adjustment.
* Seems a bit pricey for what it is. Too early to speak of durability.
V Apple Battery Charger
* Small and well designed, $29.00 USD
* Comes with 6 AA batteries, so I can easily cycle between my Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and a set in the charger
* Goes into a minimal "low power" mode when done charging.
* Batteries retain a charge when being stored. Apple claims up to 80% after a year.
* Easily fits into a bag for travel.
V I ordered additional Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries. 2000mAh (amp-hour)
* Now have Eneloop XX, which are 2500mAh
V Mophie Juice Pack Plus
* Always in my bag for extra juice. $99.95 USD
* 2000 mAh (amp-hour) battery for the iPhone 4 and 4S\Can full recharge the device and then some
* Can keep it on the device and use it.
* Sync and charge while attached with micro USB cable.
* Power indicator and on-off switch.
* Printer friendly colors.
V RadTech ScreenSavrz and Sleevz
* Microfiber fabric laptop sleeve and pad (to cover keyboard)
* ScreenSavrz, $16.95 USD and Sleevz, $24.95 USD
* Seems expensive, but worth every penny and they last
* Protects the screen from keyboard imprints and the outer case when carrying in a bag.
* The microfiber ScreenSavr sheet is good for wiping off screen too.
V iKlear Microfiber "Terry" Cloth
* Cleaning cloth that I use for my laptop and iPad. $9.95
* I prefer these to the "chamois" ones because the extra texture seems to get the grease off better
* I got a "sample" portable sized one, but also bought the "standard" size.
* I don't generally use the sprays, in a rare case. Always spray the cloth, not the device.
* I do carry the travel singles in my laptop bag. Handy when this get particularly grimy.
* Good for cleaning keyboard and exterior case too. (power off and remove batteries)
V Belkin Power Accessories
V Mini Surge with USB Charging
* 3 power ports and 2 USB charging ports. $24.99 USD. Can find for as low as $8.00 online.
* Best feature is the plug swivels 360 degrees at 90 degree locking angles. Can orient in any way. Helpful in hotels or at the coffee shop or airport for sharing a wall outlet
* cap for the plug also has a "storage slot" that allows it to double as a wall offset, so when plugging in stuff it doesn't put leverage pressure on the socket end.
V Don't need to carry and extra USB charger.
* 5V/500mA each port, so slow charge on iPad.
V Dual Auto Charger
* 2 USB ports, 5 volt , so can charge 2 devices at the same time.
V 1 port has a "QuickCharge" feature which outputs 1 amp.
* Charges an iPhone or iPod faster. Claim from from under 20 percent to full in just under 90 minutes.
* The 500 milliamp port would take about 2 hours to do the same thing.
* Your Mac USB ports output 500 milliamps
V Apple Camera Connection Kit
* Simply a must have iPad accessory. $29.00 USD
* 30-pin to SD Card and 30-pin to USB adapter. You get both.
V Transfer photos and videos
* Directly from SD Card or Camera
* Can also go from iPhone or iPod to iPad with 30-pin USB cable
* Attach USB headsets, some mics, MIDI controllers, keyboards
* For devices that require power you may need a powered USB hub.
* Cannot attach mass storage devices, at east not without Jailbreak.
V Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus
* From tenOne. $19.96 USD
* Also used the Pogo Sketch, around $8 bucks
* Pro has both the foam capacitive tip and a newer "pro" tip. Rubberized material.
* i prefer the "pro" tip. Seems more accurate
* Tips are replaceable
* Handle is tapered, like a brush. Aluminum has a great feel and weight.
* Comes with a little travel pouch
V I prefer the stylus for drawing and handwriting apps
* Noteshelf $0.99 USD - for handwritten notes
* WritePad $9.99 USD - for Handwriting to text
* Procreate $4.99 USD
* ArtRage $4.99 USD
* SketchBook Pro $1.99 USD
V Cheap accessory case
* I got one as a gift. I think it was a Target $10 special.
* Faux leather zipper case with a bunch of mesh pockets.
* Keeps earbuds, cables, adapters, stylus, and other various accessories together and organized.
* David Sparks told me he likes the Cocoon Grid-it Organizers