V How-to Helpers
* These are some of the apps, tools, and tricks that I use to help make it easier to help explain to others how to do stuff on their Macs or with their iOS devices
V Text Expander
* Anytime that I've found that I've shared the same tip or bit of information more than once I will tend to save it into a TextExpander snippet
V So when I realize that I'm repeating myself, i.e. writing the tip for a second time, I finish writing it out and then
* Select All (Command+A)
* Go under the Text Expander menu in the menubar
* Choose, 'Create Snippet from Selection…' (You'll need to make sure this Service is enabled in the System Preferences > Keyboard >Keyboard Shortcuts in the Services section). Enable 'Create TextExpander 3 Snippet.
* Then give it an abbreviation you think you'll remember.
* Consider using a common "prefix" scheme for your snippet abbreviations, something you would not type in normal typing ',ht-' for example.
* Your snippets can include images.
* $34.95 USD and $4.99 for TextExpander Touch
V Skitch
* Free and available for Mac and the iPad
* Great tools to help you add annotations to your screen shots and images
* Vector object so they can be moved and re-sized even after you place them.
* Save a history to use later.
* Supports opacity so you can use it for highlighting
* Circle + white fill + number to create call outs.
* Hold down Shift to take a "countdown" screenshot
* Hold down shift key when adjusting size slider to get finer increments
* Rectangle + fill outside with transparent black to create a focus area. (no fill in iPad version)
V OmniGraffle
* Used for creating diagrams
* Great for visualizing workflows and communicating complex ideas
V Built-in stencil sets
* Network topologies and symbols
* Flowcharts
* Download additional sets
* Integrated with Graffletopia
V Drawing tools
* Can create callouts
* Use text tools
* Line tools that anchor to objects with various arrows and endpoints
* Vector based, so you can import your own objects and create your own stencil sets.
* I've created entire project documentation in OmniGraffle
* Very powerful tool, so it's not cheap. USD $99.00 for Standard and $199.00 for Pro. $49.99 for iPad
V Camtasia for Mac
* Screencasts
V Easily lets me capture and record the screen
* Can do a portion, a single window, or the entire screen
* Can capture screen and iSight to do a picture in picture style video.
* Use external mics and audio sources
V Built in timeline editor to add additional polish
* Zooming and focus. Can zoom in to show detail and pan to make sure people are focused in the right area
* Call outs, arrows, and cursor highlighting
* There are also titles and transitions and other standard options
* Video and tilt effects allow you to combine videos and images and text. Add drop shadows, mirror and other effects and get a professional look.
V Share options
* Can export to MPEG-4 format. Can even have it generate the HTML code if you plan to upload and share it on your own server
* Can share on YouTube or (Camtasia's service) 2GB storage and 2GB bandwidth for free
* Can send to iTunes if you plan on sharing on an iOS device or Apple TV
V Dropbox
* Sharing documents, especially video files and be tricky
* You can't typically send them in an email because they end up being too large
* Dropbox is an invaluable tool
V If it's just a one time link I simply add the file to my public folder and then create a share link
* Right+Click or Control+Click and choose 'Copy public link'
V For times when I know there will be back and forth. Collaborative documents for example then I create a folder and share that folder
* Right+Click or Control+Click and choose 'Share this Folder'
* In the web interface enter the email of those you want to share the folder with.
* They will have to sign up for a free Drop box account.
V Dropbox is also my preferred way to get stuff on and off my iPad
* integrated with so many apps
* Can use the Dropbox app along with the 'Open In…' option from the 'Action' button