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Maccast Loop Beta LogoThe Maccast Loop is your opportunity to become a part of the Maccast. Each week the hottest topics and issues from the Maccast will be discussed and you will have the opportunity to give your feedback LIVE. Join host Adam Christianson and producer Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast [iTunes]) as you become part of the show. Share your thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, and knowledge of all things Macintosh. The Maccast Loop completes the circuit, closes the loop, and brings the Maccast community even closer. The Maccast Loop, Mac Geeks united.

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When: Every Sunday @ 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST)
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Video: Snow Leopard Live Install

Me a few other of the Mac geeks got together on Saturday and hung out while I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Turned out to be both fun and educational. hope to do more stuff like this on the Maccast in the future. Thanks to all who stopped by live and for those who couldn’t make it, enjoy the video.

Maccast Loop 2008.04.06 – #46

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Maccast Loop – Episode 046
In this episode we talk about recent issues with using TimeMachine, AirDisks, and Time Capsule. Specifically, we discuss issues with TimeMachine disks filling up and what steps you can take to troubleshoot this common problem. We go over how TimeMachine fits into an overall methodology for performing backups and look at other tools that help round out your entire backup strategy. In this show we also take a look at using your Mac for business, discuss cool Mac business apps, and talk about using your Mac for banking and preparing your taxes.

WhatSize, from id-design, inc.
Disk Inventory X, by Tjark Derlien
Super Duper, from Shirt Pocket
Carbon Copy Cloner, from Bombich
iBiz and iBank, from Igg Software
Cha-Ching, from Midnight Apps
Billings 2, from Marketcircle
Billable, from ClickableBliss
Freshbooks, from 2ndSite Inc.
Receipt Wallet, from GGT Enterprises
LightSpeed, Xsilva
Crywolf Computers
Checkout, MYOB

Thanks to my audio engineer and producer, Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast [iTunes]) and to all the listeners and participants who make this show possible.

No Maccast Loop Today

Just a quick note to let you know that there will be no Maccast Loop today (3/23) because of the Easter holiday. Victor and I will be back next week at our regular time, 10:00 AM (PDT). See you then.