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Upgrading To Leopard: Quick Tips

Written by: Dale Mugford

Categories: Hints & Tips, Mac Setups

While most of us Mac users will have a pain-free, ‘easy does it’ half-hour upgrade to Leopard this weekend, others may be surprised at what’s broken or causing a conflict with the new cat in their Mac. As I began my own in-house clean up, I thought I might pass along a few tips for others who will be an early adopter of Leopard.

1.) Backup!

It can never be said enough, or practiced enough- there is never a backup that’ll you do that you’ll curse, save for the times when you overwrite an existing backup you later realize you need. When leopard hits and Apple’s own built-in, dead-simple approach to backing up your files with Time Machine lands on Mac desktops & hard drives everywhere, perhaps this message will become less important.

But before you upgrade, it’s the single most important step. With a full bootable backup, you can botch your upgrade beyond any tawdry 1.1.1 iPhone bricking ever done, and still in a moment’s grace boot from your backup and recover. Consider CarbonCopyCloner (already Leopard ready) from Bombich Software to make your bootable clone.
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Peter’s Mac Mini Setup

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Mac Setups

Well at least one MacCast listener has added a Mac Mini to his living room. Here are Peter’s comments and pics. Check out this setup.

The following is a set up I use for my Mini Mac downstairs next to the warm stove! It is connected to the router upstairs with airport. I have a Samsung 17 inch LCD connected to a magazine rack with a Ergotron arm. I use a bluetooth mouse and a TouchStrokes software keyboard. The power brick is on a bookshelf behind me and the Mini is on a shelf on the back side of the magazine rack. See pictures attached. I will also take the Mini, mouse and power supply with me and hook it into a monitor at work or elsewhere. Monitor runs around $200.00, Arm around $99.00.

I forgot to add that I am using airport express and thus print to my
printer in my computer room where I also have a 20 inch iMac.

Pete setup 1 Pete setup 2 Pete setup 3
Pete setup 4 Pete setup 5 Pete setup 6