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Maccast 2008.04.26

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 224. Euro iPhone news abounds. Apple has best 2nd quarter ever. Apple acquires chip designing prowess. Changes made to Apple Software update for Windows. iPhone SDK Beta 4 released. Bootcamp update adds SP3 support. AT&T wi-fi making it’s Starbuck appearance. My thoughts on OS X Security. What’s the deal with “Open with…”. Roll your own Intel Mac Mini upgrades. Speech to text from audio file. Exploring the mysteries of MAMP. Mac fans blazing with high CPU? Blame Windows. Get rid of nagging system updates.

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So over the last week Psystar has created a lot of buzz, controversy, and skepticism with their new Open Computer. They claim their system will run an unmodified retail version of OS X Leopard on non-Apple hardware. Now, EULA breaking legal issues aside, we know from the OS X86 Project, that it is possible to cobble together a beige box PC clone and make it run OS X. The thing is, to date no one has done it commercially and, as far as we know, Psystar has not shipped an Open Computer running OS X yet.

Today, Psystar tried to put all naysayers to rest by posting this video on their web site. They claim it shows their Open Computers running OS X Leopard, Ubuntu 8, and Windows Xp Professional. Now I am not refuting their claims, but as I watched the video I did notice some things that seem just too wonky not to point out. Besides I always love a good conspiracy theory.


As the video opens we see the alleged Open Computer running OS X on the far left. There is a bundle of small cables under the desk below the system and it looks like they are probably Ethernet cables. Nothing too unusual but, as you will see, they later seem to disappear. Even more unusual is the space below the desk on the right where there is an empty wire rack shelf system. Note that at this point in the video there seems to be nothing there. Also note that the area to the right of the display is empty. These two points will become significant later.

psystar_video_2.jpg psystar_video_3.jpg

As the camera pans right we see the Ubuntu machine and the Windows box. Both have several cables coming out the side of the computer and running to the right toward the monitor.


Now notice the Mac system… no cables coming off to the right like with the Ubuntu and PC systems. Also notice that the bundle of Ethernet-like cables pointed out in the opening scene no longer seem to be visible.

psystar_video_4.jpg psystar_video_6.jpg

Next the video transitions into showing the Open Computer supposedly running Leopard and the Mac version of Quake 4. What is interesting in this shot is there now seems to be an extra cable running from the right of the monitor toward the area of the desk where the empty wire shelf system sits. That shelf is also no longer empty as it looks like it now has a strange blue box sitting on it. At first I thought the cable near the monitor might be the mouse cable, but in the Quake demo scene you can clearly see the mouse cable moving with this mysterious second cable above it. The thicker cable does seem to be the monitor cable and it is going off to the right not the left. Remember, the Open Computer that is supposed to be running OS X Leopard is to the left of the monitor, not the right. Interesting.


Finally, the closing shot shows the exterior of the Psystar offices. When reports of Psystar and their Open Computer (initially called the Open Mac) first surfaced on the web, several reports noted that they changed their address as many as 3 times. Now that fact alone is strange enough, but throw in a phone number with an oddly high number of 6’s, plus the fact that they seem to want to keep things private and you have the makings of a full blown conspiracy.

Can someone ring up Fox and see if he is available to come down to Florida?

Maccast Loop 2008.04.21 – #48

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

Maccast Loop Logo[audio:]
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Maccast Loop – Episode 048
The Maccast Loop is your opportunity to become a part of the Maccast. Each week the hottest topics and issues from the Maccast will be discussed and you will have the opportunity to give your feedback LIVE. Join host Adam Christianson and producer Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast) as you become part of the show. Share your thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, and knowledge of all things Macintosh. The Maccast Loop completes the circuit, closes the loop, and brings the Maccast community even closer.

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Thanks to my audio engineer and producer, Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast [iTunes]) and to all the listeners and participants who make this show possible.

Maccast 2008.04.17

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 223. iPhone 2.0 analysis triggers speculation. iPhone 3G Chipset revealed? Apple releases Pro applications update. Apple beefs up new legal team. Company offers OS X compatible clones. Apple confirms graphics glitches in notebooks. US Apple shipment rise, while PCs fall. Removing Files from Old TimeMachine Backups. Review: Audioengine W1. Some other ways to use Windows browsers on a Mac. Use your Mac as a WiFi hotspot. Too many Airports can be confusing. My thoughts on FileVault. Enable menu bar item to screenlock your Mac. How can I use Apple TV with Standard def TV?

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Maccast 2008.04.08

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 222. TV hits iTunes in Germany. New TV Ads for iPhone and Macs. Apple Updates iTunes 7.6.2, QuickTime 7.4.5 and Front Row 2.1.3. Apple gets #1 music retailer spot in the US. Uncle Walt says 3G iPhone in 60 Days. Redesigns for future Mac notebooks? AirPort Disk Time Machine support off again? FinalCut Server now shipping. iPhone Developers hit with Pink Screen O’ Death (PSOD). EFI firmware updates. Follow-up on CD read errors and labels. Accessing non-Mac supported sites. Making System fonts bigger. Automatically disconnecting from servers. Remotely access a PC from your Mac. Moving Outlook to Mac. Using user accounts and sudo. Hate cable clutter? So does Jack.

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Maccast Loop 2008.04.06 – #46

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Loop

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Maccast Loop – Episode 046
In this episode we talk about recent issues with using TimeMachine, AirDisks, and Time Capsule. Specifically, we discuss issues with TimeMachine disks filling up and what steps you can take to troubleshoot this common problem. We go over how TimeMachine fits into an overall methodology for performing backups and look at other tools that help round out your entire backup strategy. In this show we also take a look at using your Mac for business, discuss cool Mac business apps, and talk about using your Mac for banking and preparing your taxes.

WhatSize, from id-design, inc.
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Thanks to my audio engineer and producer, Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast [iTunes]) and to all the listeners and participants who make this show possible.

Filefox 3b5 for Mac

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff, Hints & Tips


I am not sure how long this has been around in Firefox, but at least in the latest version of Firefox 3 beta for Mac I stumbled cross this trick. This morning while working on other things I accidentally dropped a folder from the Finder into a Firefox window I had in the background. Imagine my surprise when I saw what you see in the image above. Firefox displayed the contents of the folder in a file browser like structure. I could navigate up and down the directory tree and there was even an option to turn on and off viewing of invisible files. I did notice that it won’t allow you to navigate to the root of your hard drive, but files that can be viewed normally in a browser (like image files or Quicktime movies) will show up right inside Firefox. They have also done a very nice job with the user interface. It sorta reminds me of .Mac.

Now normally this shouldn’t be surprising considering that many browsers can view file systems on remote servers (if the feature is turned on and allowed in the server configuration), but this works locally. I also know that Internet Explorer on Windows has been able to do this trick for years, but this is on a Mac. The trick also does not work in Safari, at least not in the current version of Safari running under OS 10.5.2.

Stuff, Guts, and Video 015

Written by: James Alguire

Categories: Mac Pro

One of the goals of good design is to properly position graphic elements in a harmonious way. This includes good video design, especially when compositing titles, images and other video clips together. Both Final Cut Pro and Motion make it easy to reposition, rotate, crop and distort video clips and images in their respective Canvases. In Final Cut Pro the Image and Wireframe mode must be selected from the View pop-up menu in the Canvas (see figure 1). This tip focuses on moving the clip around.

Selecting Image and Wireframe from the View Pop-up Menu.

Figure 1:
Selecting Image & Wireframe from the View pop-up Menu.

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