A Switcher’s Monologue and Introduction

Written by: John Fiore

Categories: Editorial

Seeing as this is my first article for MacCast.com I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is John and I’m an 18 year old Photographer and Journalist from South Jersey. I’ve grown up using both PCs and Macs, yet always used a PC as my main machine. I have been using, taking apart, breaking, and fixing computers since the Windows 3.1 days, but over the next few months I plan on making a full transition to the Apple hardware.

I have always loved Macs but because of certain software that is only available on Windows, gaming, and cost I have always used PCs at home. With Apple’s recent transition to the x86 platform and offering users the ability to run Windows, those reasons are no longer holding myself and others back from making the switch. Not to mention the major improvements going from OS 9 (what I used) to OS X being a very attractive aspect of the switch.

Recently I was able to take my first trip down to an Apple Store in New Jersey. I have to say with all honesty that it was the best experience in any electronics store I’ve ever had. The first thing I noticed was that the sales associates did not bombard me when I walked in the door saying “Can I help you find the Mac for you today?” Unlike PC shops the computers were not password protected and you didn’t need to grab an employee to tinker around with the Macs.

The employees were of course ready and willing to help anyone in the store with a question, but didn’t constantly throw a sales pitch at the customer. Overall the store was very relaxed and a fun place to go. Anyone who has gone PC shopping before would see a stellar difference between the Apple Store and a Circuit City. By the time I left I was twice as excited to come back and buy my MacBook later.

Over the next few months I plan to share not only my perspective of what it’s like switching from Windows to Mac, but also that of my parents. In my eyes they are ideal Apple customers as they are fed up with constant problems on Windows machines and want a computer that will act like any other appliance in their home. Until that switch is complete I am going to bring you tips and tricks for iTunes 7 on Windows and the iPod.

My next article will focus on a topic that anyone using Parallels or Bootcamp would be interested in: making Windows XP look and feel more like OS X. I’m going to review the alternatives to QuickSilver, Spotlight, Dashboard, The Dock, Exposé, and Finder that are available on Windows XP. As well as OS X Tiger visual styles for Windows and WindowBlinds, and some general Windows XP tweaks.

Until then,

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  1. Jason | Oct 18 2006 - 08:43

    Awesome! I’m very interested in your finds for XP.

  2. Ralph | Oct 18 2006 - 03:18

    Great to hear your joining us with your Mac. I too converted my in-laws from PC’s to Mac’s and they love it. Hope to read your next article soon.

  3. Nestmac | Oct 23 2006 - 07:58

    I know a couple of apps. that make your PC look like a Mac. First is a program called Style Xp from TGT Soft.com that make you change the look of the windows, colors and buttons of XP to Mac. The other one is Object Dock from Stardock.com. With this one you can add a dock to your PC with the same functions as the OS X dock.(the icons are very ugly)
    I have 2 Macs and I’m not a PC fan, but still using one at home for some work, so I tranformed the look to the Mac, to be more relaxed.