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Mac Snac 005 – iPad Unboxing

Written by: Adam Christianson

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In case you missed it on my YouTube or Facebook pages here’s my video unboxing the iPad WiFi 32 GB

Unboxing images
You can also checkout my unboxing images on Flickr

iPhone 3G: Week One and Those To Come

Written by: John Fiore

Categories: Podcast

Once I got over that I’d have a $75 USD phone bill in an area where Edge is the only solution, I decided to get an iPhone. I went with the 8 GB Black rather than springing the extra hundred for something I knew I’d be replacing in a year or so. It’s been great so far, but does it compare to a jailbreak 1st gen? Is the GPS worth it without turn by turn? And which games and apps are worth the money? This series is going to cover why my iPhone relationship remains a love-hate one. I’ll cover a few quick topics to start with, check back weekly for a new article.

Dialing on the road:
In NJ and other states now it is a primary offense to use your phone without a hands free headset. iPhone includes nifty headphones that have a mic and answer button built on. Great stuff. But how about voice dialing? Or even haptic feedback with varying degrees of sensitivity and response for different numbers. You just don’t get that. Even a Razr has voice dialing, it cannot be that hard for Apple to design the phone so that when you hold the mic button down for 3 seconds, you can speak the name and have it dial when you let go.
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Oovoo and My Oovoo Day

Written by: Chris Christensen

Categories: Reviews

Oovoo video chat software

Today is the last day in My Oovoo Day, which might more accurately been named My Oovoo Couple of Weeks. What is Oovoo? Does the post office deliver mail on My Oovoo Day?

Oovoo is a new video chatting application that is available for Mac and Windows. It allows up to 6 people to have a video chat at the same time in a display that has been compared (by people like me who watched too much TV in their formative years) to the opening credits of Brady Bunch or the grid for Hollywood Squares.
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Hulu- Television How it is Supposed to be

Written by: Charles Sporn

Categories: Cool Stuff, Reviews

If you haven’t heard of the video website Hulu, you must be living under a rock. For the past few months, it has been the site of controversy, hate, and mild like. For those who are living under rocks, let me sum it up for you. Hulu is a joint venture between NBC Universal (NBC, USA, Sci-Fi, etc) and Newscorp (Fox, FX, Fox Sports, and iHOR (International House of Republicans)). Both of them were tired of having their shows put up on YouTube, and felt that Apple was ripping them off, so they decided to make their own site. When I first heard about this site, I assumed the usual: No downloading, heavy DRM, no Mac/Linux, and only clips. Yet I signed up anyway because, lets face it, I am a sucker for a new web service (I am the guy who signed up for the Slingbox for Mac private beta even though I do not own nor have I ever owned, a Slingbox.) A few days ago I got the email that I had been accepted, and I delved into the website with the lowest of expectations. And those expectations were blown away.
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