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MacCast listener Rick sent in a photo of his Mac set up and said this:

…I noticed your page has photos that listeners have sent of their systems – well, I took a pic of my oldest Mac (a now non-workin Mac SE/30 that I bought for £20 from my Math tutor’s son who had it via University in Australia of all places and they had it from a University in California) and my iMac G4.

That’s not the whole retro collection, there’s a Mac Colour Classic that I bought in a charity shop for £12, ‘cus they couldn’t work out that you had to turn it on via the keyboard. I also have a few older PowerMacs (6100, 7100, G3 Platinum, G3 Blue). I don’t have room for all these Macs – but I keep collecting them!

Rick Setup

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  1. The room police | Mar 09 2005 - 06:00

    Rick, that’s a beuatiful multi-generational setup you have there. Brings a tear to the eye.

    I have to ask you….what’s with the Friends merchandise? (and, don’t say it’s your little sister’s)

    Oh, and, your mum called….she said to clean your room….