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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 33. Apple’s with Intel inside? Intel Mini mock up is just a MOCK up. New iPod chips and how to share iTunes over the Internet. iPod replacement batteries for longer life. Want a Shuffle? Get one from the local library. May the Force be around your iPod and iMacs are hot, but not in a good way. We answer listener questions and help some PC friends. Enjoy. Shownotes in HTML or OPML

Featured Music: Let the Motor Run, Mark Woznicki

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  1. Anonymous | Mar 05 2005 - 01:00

    Here is a news item you can use for your show. Apple vs. Bloggers??

    Apple, bloggers face off in court


    A Santa Clara County Superior Court judge heard arguments Friday in a case that ultimately could determine whether bloggers and other online publishers share the constitutional rights of traditional journalists to protect their sources.

    Judge James Kleinberg did not issue a decision Friday after tentatively ruling one day earlier that Apple Computer was entitled to e-mails and other documents that might help the company determine who leaked information about an unreleased product code-named “Asteroid.”

  2. AxsDeny | Mar 07 2005 - 08:00

    I’ve used Route 66 USA software for the past year or so. I bought it to use it with geocaching. I have to say that I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy it. I’ve had nothing but poor performance from it. The directions generator is slow. You can search for locations by name, but you can’t enter a LAT/LON and get a location. This is vital for geocaching. To get LAT/LON info you have to use the “info” tool which requires you to mouseover the map and it will show the LAT/LON in a popup window.

    Route 66 works nothing like Streets and Trips. You can’t do auto-routing or any advanced features.

    The company is a European country and I’ve written about 10 emails to their tech support over the past year. After 6 months I got a response to my first email. The response was a canned response that didn’t answer my question.

    I’m not impressed with this program at all. The Mac platform is seriously lacking in mapping programs. There isn’t anything close to the programs that are available to PC users. If I had the know-how and the startup funds I’d start building a mapping program of my own for OS X. There is certainly a market for it.

  3. Anonymous | Mar 07 2005 - 08:00

    You talked on your show about a library lending out iShuffles being as easier alternative that using lots of CDs to listen to audiobooks. An iShuffle seems like a rather expensive way to make MP3’s available. In my library in Newton, MA, they have a few CDs of audiobooks on MP3’s available to borrow. Sure you need your own mp3 player (or you could listen to them off your computer), but each CD holds 15 hours of recording, so it’s a lot easier than books of CD for people with iPods and seems more economical than the library having to buy the MP3 player as well. The New York library program is of course great, but I’d love to see other libraries offer MP3 audiobooks on CD as well.