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Show 36. Tiger in April? New iMacs and eMacs coming too, Wisconsin wants iPod Tax, Microsoft discontinues MSN for Mac, Everybody Dance Again an Apple Pro article on Scott Weintrob, MacRumors eludes to PowerMac future, Jobs net worth on the rise and Issues with new PowerBook Trackpads. The first ever Mac HitTest. Listeners have issues with Airport and Linksys Router, questions about charging iPod via USB, but not syncing, answers on how to print selected text using OS X Services, question on Mac Secruity and Maintainence. Thought Out offers exclusive iPed Discount for MacCast listeners and new music from Geoff Byrd. Listen in. Shownotes in HTML or OPML

Featured Music: Elusive Butterfly, Geoff Byrd

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  1. Richard from WI | Mar 13 2005 - 07:00

    On the March 12th show you had stated that Microsoft was discontinuing MSN service for the mac. While this is true in a way, what I understood from the CNet article was that they were discontinuing the Mac version of the MSN browser which was a quick way to access all the MSN services (email, photos, maps, money, etc)

    CNET writes: Under a deal from years ago with Qwest, Microsoft is required to offer Internet access to Mac users. Therefore, customers will still be able to buy $22-a-month Internet access from Microsoft. However, the company will not offer any local software and customers will have to log on using the Mac’s built-in Internet Connect dialer.

    and The company will also still allow those with their own Internet access to pay for a collection of browser-based MyMSN services, including 2GB of Hotmail storage, Encarta Premium and Money Plus. In theory, customers can continue to pay Microsoft between $10 and $27 a month for that option.

    All the services are still available to Mac users, they will just need to use a “regular” browser (firefox, safari) to access them.