Skittles Star Wars iPod

Written by: Adam Christianson

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PodBrix KeynoteSo here is the Skittles iPod and iPod iSkin you can win in their Star Wars Episode III promotion. Is it just me or is this one even lamer than the one available for sale at

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  1. Chet | Aug 22 2005 - 02:51

    Ok so i won one of these, lucky me! but its not bad at all. and its not just a skin its your standard 4th gen 20gb ipod with a small star wars episode III & SKITTLES engraving on the shiny side. it comes with the standard ipod stuff plus the red evo2 skin, a I-skin wheel cap with the O so groovy tribal darth vader logo and a I-skin lens shade which are all shown. plus a i skin accessories bag! around a $300 dollar prize! i figure in 6-7 months i will upgrade it to a 60gb and change the battery at to give it my personal touch!