i3 Car Interface for Macs

Written by: Adam Christianson

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i3 car interfaceOS X was designed for your home, not the car and the folks at i3 understand and are here to help. They have released an “Intelligent Integrated Interface for your Mac and Your Car”. Basically their software offers a simple full screen interface for in car LCDs and touch screens hooked to your Mac. The buttons on the interface can be programmed to launch applications on your Mac and the user interface is skinable. I tried out the software, which retails for $25 USD, and it is a good start, but needs work. Setting it up is somewhat slow and tedious and when you are done all it does is launch applications. I would assume you could also have it launch AppleScripts, so it could launch iTunes, enter Party Shuffle mode, start playing and launch the iTunes visualizer in full screen. Anyhow it is a good look at things to come, stay tuned.

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  1. Ben Briggs | Mar 27 2005 - 11:24


    In your podcast you said if someone wanted to make some applescript applications like your launchsaver that could open iTunes, start and play the Party Shuffler, and open the visualizer. I started that today, and I’ve got it except for the code to open the visualizer. I also made some small script applications for pausing and going to the next track. I’m going to still work on incorporating the visualizer and work on one skipping back a track. These will be available at http://homepage.mac.com/madskilldude27/FileSharing24.html .


  2. Dom | Mar 30 2005 - 05:06

    While i was listening to your pod cast it hit me that you could just build your own flash interface for your car instead of using this program, which would allow you to place as many buttons as you wanted and link them to any type of file including an applescript file with ease.