Art on Mac vs PC Browser Performance

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Here is some great info from listener Art:

Really like listening to the MacCast podcast. I just heard your latest podcast (March 28, 2005) and you talked about browser performance and optimizing it. There are a few programs that you can download to optimize web browsing performance.

1.) SafariSpeed (
This program optimizes Safari by disabling the page loading delay, which is built into Safari. It only seems to work in Safari and not in other browsers.

2.) Panter Cache Cleaner (
This program optimizes not only Safari, but also other browsers by optimizing or cleaning the file cache.

As for why it would seem that web browsing on PC seems to be faster than doing so on the Mac, there is a website that might answer the question ( This is a website that compares OSX and Windows XP as objectively as they can. In the web browsing section, they mention that some websites are specifically coded for IE for PC by web developers. And I personally think that when a company tests its website before launch, they usually only test with a PC and not a Mac.

Hopes this answers the questions that were asked on the podcast. Continue the great work.

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  1. Jonathan | Mar 30 2005 - 01:44

    Thanks for the post!