Apple April Fools Roundup

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: News

Here is all the Apple April Fool’s gags I have come across today:

Apple Hires DVD Jon (
Apple sells iPod Socks
(Damn, this one is not a joke)
iPod Treo (cNet Reviews)
Apple iHome Media Center (The AppleBlog)
Tiger Woods signs deal as Apple Spokesman (Mac Daily News)
iPoc Apple PDA (Pocket PC Thoughts) – Thanks Russ!
EU Bans Sale of Macs (Digit UK)
Jobs Joins IKEA (The Register UK)
Apple Japan Announces and the Pulls the iPotty (iPodLounge)
Apple in Talks to Buy Palm One (TreoCentral)
Apple Announces Product and Marketing Plans (TidBits)
Apple Announces iPad, Partners with DELL to Sell (NoteBook Reviews)
The iCopulate (
The PodShave and PodShave Lady (PlayList Magazine)
iJuice and MiniMovie (eQuinux)
2 Good 1.0 (App4Mac)
ScreenCleaner Pro (Ambrosia Software)
Youe Mac Life Goes Off Air (Your Mac Life)
First Look At iTunes Phone (Mobile Music Blog)
Monkeys Prefer Windows Over Mac (
Apple Adopts Windows Media for iTunes (Mac Observer) – Thanks Buck!

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  1. Russ | Apr 01 2005 - 03:28

    Another Apple April Fools article: the iPoc Apple PDA,38917

  2. Dorothy | Apr 01 2005 - 04:40

    Thanks for the fun links. I especially liked the iPod Treo photo(!)

  3. Evan Stewart | Apr 01 2005 - 07:03

    heres a whole bunch:
    “Steve Jobs accepts position of Microsoft CEO”

    great site by the way

  4. Buck | Apr 01 2005 - 10:22

    “Apple Adopts Windows Media for iTunes”