The Truth in Advertising

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Feedback

See some things I tell you are true, as listener Al discovered when he took my advice and upgraded the RAM in his iBook.

I know you have mentioned several times on your show that adding more
than the default 256MB to the Mac (in my case an iBook G4 800) will
make a big difference, but despite all my years as a computer guy
(though recent switcher) I am astounded at how much of a difference it
does in fact make! I added 512 MB (had to toss out 128MB to do it) so
I have a total of 640MB now. It is amazing how snappy applications are
now. Quicksilver, for example, would almost always take a couple
seconds to come up when I hit its hotkey. Now it’s instantaneous,
always. Multitasking is a joy now. Literally the best $150 CDN
(including tax) I’ve ever spent on a computer upgrade (and I’ve done my
fair share over the years… ;)

I would like to recommend to all Canadians (and maybe Americans too)
that they check out 512MB of
iBook RAM for $131 CDN seems to me like a great deal. My order took
less than 3 days between the time I clicked submit and the time I
clicked the RAM into place. ;)

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  1. Charles | Apr 07 2005 - 08:55

    I agree. Really fast delivery and cheap. This is probably the best deal available online for us Canucks. There are so many online stores selling RAM in the US but when duty and customs charges are tacked on it gets really expensive. BTW, the same 512 stick of RAM for iBook sells for $175-199 CND at the local Apple re-seller – yikes!

  2. david | Apr 07 2005 - 09:00

    everybody loves a little RAM

  3. Jon from Vancouver | Apr 07 2005 - 01:05

    When I had my iBook G3 700, it was full at 640mb of ram. The best investment I made. Of course, after 3 years, there’s not much to do left to be able to run new software. Of course, the G3 processor was already limiting for new applications. My Mac Mini really needs more ram than the default 256mb. OS X needs alot more ram, as alot of us know already. Wish I could slap in there a 1G stick of ram if it didn’t cost so much. I’ll check that website. Thanks.

  4. Dimplemonkey | Apr 07 2005 - 01:59

    RAM makes a huge difference (even on a WinXP box, believe it or not). I maxed out the RAM on my iBook G3 and it runs Panther rather well.

    By the way, here’s my shameless plug for a great site on Mac and PC RAM.