MacCast 04.15.2005

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about Macs done by a Mac geek for Mac geeks. Show 50. Mac OS 10.3.9 released, Apple updates to iLife and iSight, specs on the rumored new PowerMac, iMac and eMac models, Apple moves up to number 5 in PC Sales for the 1st quarter, explanation of Apple’s renaming of Rendezvous to Bon-jour, Apple will open 8th retail store in Florida, Apple offers free Tiger evaluation copy to educational customers and a “Mac fan” calls Tiger a “minor’ upgrade. Part three of our special report on scanning 35mm negatives and slides, Tiger benchmarks on MacTouch and Bill Gates loves Macs. New Music, Scared (the difference between) by Betablokka. Can you hear me? Shownotes in HTML or OPML

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  1. Dom | Apr 16 2005 - 01:17

    errr… i dont think you’ve put this show on the rss feed yet.

    thanks for the great show


  2. Paul | Apr 16 2005 - 05:31

    You are reporting what seems to be an abundance of positive financial/sales data. I was wondering what your feelings were in reference to a $10 decrease in the value of the stock in the last 4 weeks, including a $2.00 decrease in value on the day of the so called ‘positive’ earnings announcement. Is Apple just reacting accordingly based on the current market correction, or is there underlying ‘disappointment’ with the recently reported data?


  3. Chet | Apr 17 2005 - 03:25

    Apple was trading at 90x earnings, which is extremely high, so the stock was worth more than what it was really “worth”. I’d guess that Apple’s stock is strong, but now its starting to trade closer to what it “should” be.

  4. Paul | Apr 17 2005 - 07:42

    Good points Chet.


  5. Jon from Vancouver | Apr 17 2005 - 03:54

    I think that audio of Bill Gates was from back in the day when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple. I think that was in 1998.

  6. tom schuring | Apr 17 2005 - 09:57


    i just read paul’s website where he published a review of tiger and i thought it was a fair and balanced review. ( )

    i am a mac user myself and am thinking the same that a release with a few extra features does in my opinion warrent the $129 pricetag . you can meantion that it has 200 new features but in reality you would only use the top 3 of those in day to day use of your mac.

    i understand that apple depends on people upgrading whenever they have put a lot of development dollars into an upgrade, but it does not mean that pauls views are outragous, and i don’t believe that he is ‘on’ anything.

    besides disagreeing with you on this point i would still like to let you know that i enjoy listning to the maccast and will keep listning. keep up the good work !

    best regards,
    tom schuring
    melbourne, australia

  7. Michael | Apr 18 2005 - 06:22

    [ From Slashdot ]

    Apple uses a different version numbering system. Just because it is called 10.4 doesn’t really mean anything – it could just be simply called Mac OS X 2005 or v4.0 or Mac OS Tiger for all it matters.

    Comparing to Windows Service Packs, there has been two for XP. Apple has released 9 “service packs” for Mac OS X Panther.
    and now 10.3.9.

    These have added new features, tweaks and improved security also.

    Also you can look at windows like this (their internal names):

    Windows 2K = Win 5.0
    Windows XP = Win 5.1
    Windows Server 2003 = Win 5.2

  8. jorellh | Apr 18 2005 - 07:57

    Microsoft has released 5 major updates to XP just this month alone.

    11 in February

    3 in January

    36 in 2004
    December: MS04-040, MS04-041, MS04-042, MS04-043, MS04-044, MS04-045
    • October: MS04-029, MS04-030, MS04-031, MS04-032, MS04-034, MS04-035, MS04-036, MS04-037, MS04-038
    • September: MS04-028
    • July: MS04-018, MS04-019, MS04-020, MS04-021, MS04-022, MS04-023, MS04-024, MS04-025
    • June: MS04-016
    • May: MS04-015
    • April: MS04-011, MS04-012, MS04-013, MS04-014
    • March: MS04-008
    • February: MS04-004, MS04-006, MS04-007
    • January: MS04-003

  9. Adam Faircloth | Apr 18 2005 - 05:07

    Um, I don’t think you can really say Panther has had 9 “service packs”. I’d say its nine updates are more similar to Microsoft’s frequent security patches, of which there have been like eleventy billion. It’s barely even comparable.