Interview with the Austincast

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

He all I did a fun interview with Paul over at the Austincast. We talked about the MacCast, the current and future state of Podcasting, technology, indie music and more. We talked for over an hour. You can find the file over on the Austincast blog or in the Austincast Podcast feed. Enjoy.

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  1. GreenAlien | May 09 2005 - 12:12

    Nice interview there. I was a little put off at first because Paul sounded a little like a novice and the audio quality was quite low, but after a few mins I started to quite enjoy it, and also warm to Paul, who actually asked alot of decent questions. Needless to say all the comments and info was very interesting and first class as we’ve come to expect from Adam. One thought I had regarding using a hardware mixer vs software, is that presumably all the feeds get combined in the mixer and then fed into Garageband as a single track, which presumably means all the levels must be determined before recording is started, but if all the feeds are fed into Garageband as separate tracks, then the volume could be adjusted independently after recording. Just a thought, and I dont produce a podcast myself so I may be way out on that comment, but interesting stuff anyway. Hope to see some skype interviews in the maccast in the near future too ;) If you could arrange one with ANYone that works at Apple then that would be absolutely brilliant – you have thousands of listeners now, so start pushing your weight around ;)

  2. maccast | May 09 2005 - 03:27

    Good point on the levels, but the problem is GarageBand can only do so much amplification. The mixer has more range in bringing low levels up.