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Hey Geeks. As you know I was lucky enough to attend and participate in the 2nd annual Mac Gathering event in Hollywood, CA last Sunday. This event was put together by Deborah Shadovitz and her team of dedicated Mac geeks. Some of you may recognize Deborah, she wrote the Office 98 Bible and the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible and her magazine credits include MacAddict, MacWorld and Mac Design magazine, just to name a few. This year the keynote speaker was Sinbad. I was not aware he was such a Mac geek, but after hearing him speak there was know doubt he’s a Mac fanatic. In the speech Sinbad discusses how we need to all master our Macs, in other words don’t get lost in the latest and greatest technology, but discover how your Mac can help you be an expert at what you want to do. It is a truly inspiring and of course funny speech. Myself and several attendees were lucky enough to be able to chat with Sinbad as he walk the vendor floor. He also took the time to stop and chat with many of the vendors there, including the folks at Circus Ponies and MacSpeech. What’s cool is, as he mentions in his talk, he wasn’t just giving them lip service. These are products he actually uses and loves. If you can make it I encourage you to mark your calendars for next years event and for those of you who missed it this year you are in luck. Our friend Dorothy at TigerBright recorded the keynote and Deb and Sinbad gave permission for me to share it with you. In the clip you will hear Sinbad being introduced by Michael McCarty who is a great storyteller and Mac geek himself. Enjoy!

podcast-mini2.gif [Download Sinbad Mac Gathering 2005 Keynote] MP3/~28MB

BONUS: The audio from the Podcasting panel I was on is posted over on Shelly Brisbin’s podcast site. Here is the direct link to the MP3 podcast-mini2.gif

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  1. Dorothy | May 19 2005 - 08:50

    Wonderful! So glad we got the gohead on the clip. I’m glad it’s served on your server Adam! :) Sinbad had such good messages to convey, all which resonated with me personally — a reminder to use the power of the technology to create and not get distracted with it. That he’s immensely funny was an added bonus. (Michael McCarty should be podcasting, he has such a great voice and delivery for his storytelling.)

  2. Deborah Shadovitz | May 19 2005 - 02:18

    I’m greatful to Dorothy for recording the MacGathering keynote. It’s exciting to me when show attendees get involved and help give the show more depth.

    Since its not possible for all Mac users (and Windows users) cannot make it to my MacGathering , I love that with the help of some other great Mac folks we can bring a part of the show to you. As you listen to this try to imagine Sinbad’s many great facial expressions. Envision eye contact with him as he looks around the audience and speaks directly to you and to others – because that’s what this great man does. He talked with us, not just at us.

    I was very honored that Sinbad did the MacGathering keynote and at how long he stayed to speak with everyone. We could have gone on all day!

    Maybe next year we can do this again and maybe you’ll be able to join us. :)

    ~Deb Shadovitz

  3. Ibarionex | May 21 2005 - 12:33

    Great keynote. It’s so easy to get caught up with the technology rather than what you can do with it. I am constantly inspired by my friend’s high school students who are creating film, photo stories and more with the technology. They are the embodiment of Sinbad’s speech. It was great to be reminded it’s what is produced with this great technology that makes us each individual and special and not the gear that we can afford. Thank you so much for making this available to those who weren’t able to attend the event.