Widget to Remove Widgets

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Feedback

Image DeleterSo are you addicted to Widgets? Have you downloaded to many and are now overwhelmed? Do you need a better way to remove Widgets? Well in addition to Widget Manager, listener Mihkel advises adding one more widget to your collection, Imagery Media’s Widget Deleter. This is a Widget to delete widgets. Just find that pesky widget and hit delete.

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  1. Jane Canter | May 21 2005 - 02:04

    Thanks that helps, love this podcast.

    I have problem and wondered if anyone maybe able to help : okay my first desktop mac arrived today Powermac g5 2.3ghz (*always been a powerbook user) anyway I can’t get any sound happeningg playing a dvd ? I have sound prefs set to line out output but still no sound from dvds.itunes works and everything else but not the dvd player (4.6)……if you can help much appreciated. thanks Jane.