Carbon Copy Cloner not quite ready for Tiger

Written by: Adam Christianson

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In light of our discusssions on doing backups in OS X, listener Marty wanted to caution Tiger users on using Carbon Copy Cloner under Tiger

Hi Adam. Regarding the MacCast podcast from 5/23 and the user question about backup solutions. I used Carbon Copy Cloner with 10.3 (Panther) to perform an automated daily bootable backup to an external firewire drive every month. I used the “synchronization” option so that after the initial backup each daily backup synchronized the external hard drive with my iMac hard drive. It was a great solution, but I wanted to add a caution about Carbon Copy Cloner and Tiger. A visit to the developer’s website at indicates that the developer needs to do some work to make Carbon Copy Cloner Tiger compatible. While versiontracker indicates Carbon Copy Cloner can be made to work with Tiger, it involves some efforts the average user may not be comfortable doing so I think its important to note that as far as the CCC developer is concerned the solution is not at this point Tiger compatible. Hopefully CCC will be upgraded for Tiger compatibility soon because it was an effective, powerful and inexpensive backup solution

Thanks for the update Marty.

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  1. Dudley Warner | May 26 2005 - 12:15

    The previous comment is correct in that CCC will not yet work as is with Tiger. I have found the workaround to be fairly easy to do, and produces good results. I did not want my new Tiger volume to go unprotected until this program is formally updated. I would recommend that users look at the workaround for themselves before they decide it may be too difficult.

  2. Justin | May 26 2005 - 01:02

    where can i get a copy of this workaround

  3. Justin | May 26 2005 - 01:38

    Nevermind. I found it. All you have to do it login as root and run it there. Not hard a all

  4. Jerry | May 26 2005 - 08:08

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that was having problems. I’m gonna go look for the work around now….

  5. Jwahar Bammi | May 27 2005 - 10:02

    Take a look at RsyncX instead. I gave up on CCC because the author will neither release the code (so rest of us could help him with his time crunch) nor fix it in a timely manner (tiger been out for about a month already!). RsyncX works just fine, has a simple GUI for simple things, and advanced gui for more complex stuff. It is far more powerful than CCC.


  6. Mark Hartman | Jun 01 2005 - 08:07

    I gave up CCC for SuperDuper! quite a while ago, and it works just fine with Tiger.