MacCast in iTunes 4.9?

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Maccast iTunes 4.9Looks like the MacCast may have made it into the iTunes 4.9. Take a close look in this screenshot from Steve’s keynote at the WWDC. If you look real hard at the list on the right side of the window it appears the MacCast is listed at #3. Pretty sweet. And I didn’t even have to ask or bribe anyone ;). Hopefully it’s still there in the final release. Thanks to Craig Patchett at Behind the Scenes for catching this and sending it too me. The image is from

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  1. Craig Patchett | Jun 08 2005 - 03:20

    Actually, this screenshot is one I took from the keynote QuickTime at (using the Capture Dashboard Widget)… the snapshot is at:


  2. Sully | Jun 08 2005 - 05:50

    Congrats! Man,, that is cool! I can only imagine the thrill of seeing that! Good for you Adam!

  3. mkp | Jun 08 2005 - 06:01

    That’s awesome…. Apple’s listening to the MacCast!

  4. Chet | Jun 08 2005 - 06:24

    By the time 4.9 is released we should probably have moved up a notch or two. Go MacCast!

  5. earcandyjunkie | Jun 08 2005 - 06:44

    It looks like the header says “Today’s Top Podcasts”. I’m guessing it’s going to be an ever-changing list, maybe derived from Podcastalley?

  6. Derik | Jun 09 2005 - 09:30

    According to Leo Laporte, the MacCast belongs to iPodlounge. I feel like I missed something.

  7. Buckdog | Jun 09 2005 - 10:52

    I don’t think the MacCast is owned by iPodLounge, but the close up on your link is nice.

  8. Jake | Jun 09 2005 - 10:19

    I’m VERY excited about this. Apple responded a little slower than I would have liked, but they’re responding. This is great!

  9. yellowbrick | Jun 10 2005 - 03:40

    Was there an expected launch date posted somewhere or is it in typical Apple fashion of not providing one?