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PixelNews starstarstarstar – Pixelated Software ($25.00 USD)
I have to admit that when I heard about the new version of Safari coming with built-in RSS technology, my thoughts were “So what?”. Well now I view RSS feeds about as commonly as I open iPodder with my figers crossed that i’ll see that progress bar start up showing that a new episode of The MacCast is available. RSS has become a part of my normal day as skipping breakfast or complaining about gas prices. Somehow though, I felt that while Safari has gotten me hooked on this new fancy information train, it was still lacking in providing news in a way that I was satisfied.

So my search began. After hitting my usual stops I go to while looking for software I happened upon a program called iNews. First off, the name caught my eye because of the Apple branded “i” products that come bundled with all new macs such as iMovie, iLife, etc. Strangely though, after I downloaded and mounted the iNews image, it was named “PixelNews”. Continuing forward I opened the mounted image and found the containing apps to be named PixelNews as well. Somehow, from the timeframe of visiting the website to my install process, we lost/converted the applications name. (Unless i’m just missing something here.)

I copied the application, which is still probably my most favorite part of owning a Mac with OS X, to my desired applications folder and double clicked the file to get things going. While RSS is RSS is RSS and so on, I do like the interface that Pixelated Software provided us. This make viewing RSS a bit more colorful, and while this is exactly what RSS was meant to get away from, still invited in a small amount. We just want our news, and a readers digest version of it. If were interested in know/reading more, WE decide. Not the person that is giving you every story.

Even though the sync process for the “Breaking News” section, didn’t take an enormous amount of time, it did take a bit longer than syncing the other feeds that are present upon installation. I added a couple of my normal feeds that I can’t do without, and I was on my way.

Basically, if anyone out there is interested in viewing RSS news feeds on a regular basis, give this app a shot. Especially if there are quite a few feeds that you visit often.

Final Rating: starstarstarstar (out of 5)
Developer: Pixelated Software (
License: Commercial ($25 USD)
Version: 1.0b3
Product Requirements: Mac OS 10.3 or Higher

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